Pink dishes baby names

"No-brainer" ... Pink and Carey Hart reveal the name they would give a son.

If Pink and Carey Hart end up having a baby boy, they already know what they’re naming him: Jameson.

Pink’s dad’s name is James, and her brother’s name is Jason. And since Carey and pink are both irish and they like jameson whiskey, it’s a perfect fit!


A Celebration of Mexican Cuisine and Culture at the InterContinental Hotel.


I love all things Mexican and I have my friend Miguel to thank for that. Miguel and I met at a university event and we instantly bonded at a cheese and wine as we were looking for the hot sauce. A couple of tacos, tequila shots and sombrero hunting made me realize Miguel and I were meant to be siblings and the stork had fuddled up my delivery.

So when my friend Kevin from ‘Tell em’ invited me to a Sunday brunch that the Mexican government, through the ministry of foreign affairs and the conservatory of Mexican Gastronomic Culture was throwing at the Intercontinental Hotel, I was beyond excited as I missed my Mexican ‘family’.

From the minute we walked in I was blown away-and it had nothing to do with the spicy food. The intercontinental poolside had been transformed. Various food stations like Mexican, Indian, Italian, Western and a ‘Kiddy Korner’ had been set under a huge, beautiful white tent that also housed dining tables, a marimba station with musicians, a jazz band, a trampoline and bouncing castles for the kids, a clown, face painting and gorgeous colourful Mexican decorations all over the tents.

Looking a little lost Kevin came to our rescue and immediately introduced us to the lovely Janine Gerlich, InterContinental’s experienced and charming Food and Beverage Director. She pointed us to the tequila station, as contrary to Kenyan custom it is not meant to be downed on a drunken night out, but sipped as an appetiser.

There we bumped into the charming Marie Carmen Saenz, a gastronomic promoter from Mexico, whose smile twinkled in her eyes. And while I declined a shot, my companion said it was the best brand of tequila he had ever tasted. I did accept a glass though of a delicious red Mexican wine-L.A. Cetto, petite Sirah 2007, valle de guadaloupe- which was fruity, warm rich and very earthy, a perfect companion for spicy Mexican food and I would even recommend it for Indian food. An undisclosed source happily told me it would be sold soon in Nairobi.

But before we could pounce on the food, I was introduced to the dashing and popular marimba king-Javier Nandagapa-who had a family of brothers who also excelled at the Marimb and together they have successfully interpreted contemporary marimba music. Dancing to his beats we worked up quite an appetite and were ready to indulge.

From there we finally headed to the food, and what a gastronome’s delight that was. Mexican cuisine of course took centre stage as the inclusion of Mexican cuisine as Cultural Heritage of humanity was being celebrated. The reason the wonderful Mexican community decided to celebrate this in Kenya was because their cuisine will be inaugurated into the Cultural Heritage of Humanity at the UNESCO meeting taking place in Nairobi. The aim to let the public sample this cuisine is so that aspects of the most authentic gastronomy of the country is celebrated. A contingent of renowned chefs and traditional cooks all offered representatives examples of regional cuisines of the very diverse Mexican community that I had no idea even existed!

I was so used to eating tacos, quesadillas, fajitas and frittatas that I had no idea that was more to Mexican cuisine than this.

Hunks of meat like chicken, goat, beef, pork all being tenderly spun and roasted on grills was what drew our attention at first. Then I sampled Ricardo Munoz Zuritas ‘Ha sikil pal’-toasted tortillas with little vegetables cooked in chilli and garlic and I knew I was about to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. From there we tasted Enrique Olvera’s vegetable and fruit salads and it’s amazing what culinary delight this man created out of corn and green bell peppers!

Other true delights were Anna Gonzalez Arroyo’s ‘Cochinita Pibil’ a pork dish that burst with flavour and spice. The ‘Rose en Chilmole’ beef dish that was tender, succulent and mouth watering, ‘Centomatado de Cerdo’ another pork dish and ‘Pescado tikin-xic’,  a fish dish were also equally delicious.

We also marvelled and loved all the salad provided like smoked salmon, King prawns, shrimps, poached salmon, seafood terrine and smoked sailfish. At this point my stomach began groaning with all the food going in so i stopped to chat with Enrique Farjeat, an outstanding innovative chef from Mexico who gushed about Kenyan hospitality and even mentioned he wouldn’t mind moving here and opening up a restaurant.

After an animated conversation we headed back to the cuisine. While Mexican dishes were being paraded, The InterContinental Hotel was not to be outdone either.  The famous Bandhini restaurant had an Indian cuisine station boasting dishes like Malai kebab, Chicken curry, aloo matter and my favourite the Malai chicken that came grilled on skewers and cooked in the tandoor.

At another station we sampled the Potato Gratin-an infusion of cheese, cream, carrots and potatoes that was simply to die for; the unbelievable lasagne from their Italian restaurant; roast duck, South African Boerwoers –Ii was truly home; baked whole king fish and roast pork leg.

After all this I barely had time to sample the African cuisine like Irio, ugali, Kunde, Matoke, Sukuma, Irio and Mbaazi stew.

What did have space for though was the delicious dessert like the strawberry millefeuille, sweet potato cinnamon cake, steamed ginger pudding, star  anis brulee, American pancakes, various croissants and pastries, black cherrie bavaroise, black forest cake, caramel  and the limitless amounts of fresh fruit.

I indeed went home stuffed and content and I have to applaud the Conservatory of Mexican Gastronomic Culture for taking the pain and time to preserve the common trunk of Mexican cooking as after tasting all their delights I can see its definitely worth conserving; and The InterContinental Hotel for hosting such a remarkable celebration of food with organisation, generosity, warmth and decadence.

I went home four kilos heavier but completely content and with only 1 regret-that I wasn’t a cow and didn’t have four stomachs.

  Published November 26th 2010 in The Star

Justin Timberlake for Oscar?

Justin Timberlake reportedly has his heart set on getting nominated for an Oscar for his supporting role in The Social Network.

A source said that the singer-turned-actor is doing all he can to promote the film, noting, “He’s hell-bent on getting a nomination this year even though he has tough competition from his co-star Andrew Garfield. Sony is footing the bill for advertising the awards campaign, but Justin is also doing things his own way, including attending Academy screenings on his own and privately reaching out to award winners and Academy darlings Tom Hanks and Kevin Spacey for campaigning advice.”

 But Oscar buzz is also surrounding Geoffrey Rush, who portrays a speech therapist in The King’s Speech, as well as Christian Bale, who stars in the upcoming film, The Fighter

You’ve gotta love his ambition!

James Franco and Anne Hathaway Oscar hosts

James Franco and Anne Hathaway have been selected to co-host the 83rd Academy Awards telecast on February 27, 2011.

It is the second year in a row that more than one host has been selected, with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin performing the duties last February.

The most interesting twist is that both hosts are in consideration for awards. Franco is considered a favorite to win Best Actor for his performance in Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours, whereas Hathaway has a long-shot chance at Best Actress for Love and Other Drugs.

Guess sucking up in this way might help them cinch the Oscar.

Justin Bieber broken?

Justin Bieber has reportedly begun to lose his voice to puberty.

According to sources Bieber has started working with a specialist in order to keep his voice from breaking.

Apparently it is not uncommon for young singers to have to work with a specialist, stating that the case was the same for Bieber’s mentor Usher.

Well bieber should be ok as he has already set up a fashion, nail polish line as well as a book on his life

‘Zorro-the novel” more than a swashbuckling hero on his noble steed



I have always had the hugest character crush on Zorro and the image of a sexy, smart, heroic, witty and charming character is fully reinforced in Isabel Alllende’s ‘Zorro-the novel’. Allende finally helps us meet and know the person behind the legend.

 You learn about the boy and his journey to becoming the Zorro we all know today. You finally understand why his brother/ side-kick Bernardo is important to de la Vega’s yearning for justice and his protective stance toward California’s Indians. And you finally understand his hatred for childhood nemesis, Rafael Moncada, and what happened for him to detest him into adulthood.

Born Diego de la Vega in 1795, Zorro is the son of a Spanish soldier-turned-don and his Native American wife. The young Zorro grew up heavily influenced by his grandmother, a Native American shaman and his “milk brother”, Bernardo. Due to these roots he adopts the title of Zorro from his totem and his spirit walk and so you understand why the character is cunning and outfoxes his enemies (Zorro is fox in Spanish)

Despite his class, wealth and privileges, Diego’s ties to the natives instil in him a hunger for justice. And when he is sent to Spain for his education he joins a secret society, La Justicia, that battles oppression and teaches him most of his fighting and sword skills that help him become a successful Zorro. In fact Zorro is born in Spain and he fights his first battles for the persecuted here.

But he returns home to California in good time to defend his Native people

What is intriguing about the novel is the unidentified narrator who tells the story (which becomes a ‘twist’ in the end) and you learn about his early days in conversation with yourself and the narrator. While this style of writing tends to slow down the pace at times it helps to cover the vast terrain of his life ensuring you don’t end up nodding off.

What I truly loved is the connection he has with Bernardo and his Native Family as it makes his struggle more real and personal. You finally understand his passion for the people as they are his roots and he isn’t a noble saint out to protect the masses-well maybe to an extent he is, but at least you know why he becomes the legend!

Sometimes it does get a tad bit sentimental, awkward and exaggerated but then again so did the film. Another negative was his grandmother White Owl who seemed a bit too New Age and gaga.

In the end Zorro is more than a swashbuckling adventure as it adds more depth to the character we have grown up watching but never understood. It is engaging and action-packed and Allende creates an engaging and real hero that might be based on a Hollywood version but is still relatable and not just cute accent and great bottom. It is fabulous action fiction and I recommend you read it with a bowl of popcorn and not be tempted to carve out your own z into your arch rival (I have to admit I was sorely tempted- En garde!)

Get it at Simply Books, Waiyaki Way, ABC Place.

Rolling Stone has named Nicki minaj the new queen of hip hop.

Rolling Stone has named Nicki minaj the new queen of hip hop.
Rolling stone is the bible of music so this is a big honour for nicki and should shut lil kim up.

Then again she doesn’t really have any competition so she might as well enjoy her non competitive reign.
Niki also says her dad was abusive when she was growingup and this fueled her dreams of getting rich and famous.

She has also finally come clean that she doesn’t date girls and is not bi-sexual nor is she dating SB her manager.

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