Feel at ZEN at the Bamboo restaurant, Zen Garden.

Location: Lower Kabete Road, Past Hill View

Once in a while you get lucky enough to visit a restaurant that is decorated with elegance, and style, food is deliciously sinful, prices are reasonable, portions are generous and service that is fit for Kings and where writing a review is pure joy! Plus if you want to be where the trendy are at then this is the place for you; of course being treated like you are special also adds to the positive experience.

From the moment we set foot in Bamboo we felt welcomed in the elegant, trendy and sophisticated restaurant. Warmly greeted by the maitre d and our waiter our noses were treated to the fresh smell of gorgeous roses. The open plan setting decorated in modern dark wood and warm red and cream also added to the warmth and style of the restaurant.

The Bamboo restaurant offers a combination of Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine. So since I love Japanese food and my friend Mr. S adores Thai we were beyond excited to start ordering from the menu.

We immediately set off by ordering the spring rolls accompanied by a sweet chilli dip, spicy chicken wings and some Tom Kha soup. Usually spring rolls are just something one orders to nibble on while having ide conversation, but these springrolls made us halt in our conversation as we savoured their crispiness and enjoyed the sweet chilli dip that accompanied it. The chicken wings come wok fried in dark soy sauce and were cooked to tender perfection and drizzled with just the precise amount of soy sauce.Delicious.

But where do I begin with the Prawn Tom Kha soup? My mouth waters just thinking about it and if I am ever on death row this will be my last meal. I have had Tom Kha soup numerous times but it somehow always tastes over or under flavored, so it was a delight to savour Bamboo’s Tom Kha where the flavours balanced, complimented and flirted with each other. It was tangy with a kick to it thanks to the taste of galangal, lemongrass and ginger, the prawns were generous and not rubbery, soft and crunchy. So if you are looking for comfort food then the Tom Kha it should be coz with the mushrooms seasoned with coconut cream, chilli and lime it is the embodiment of contentment.

Since I believe that Bamboo is one of the best Dim Sum, sushi and sashimi joint in town we ordered a sushi platter of the Futomaki. The futomaki platter is a treat for the Maki lover as it has 10 pieces of salmon, tuna, avocado and cucumber wrapped in seaweed, and with a dash of wasabi and a tinge of soy palettes experience wonderful bursts of ecstatic flavor.

(black bamboo sushi)

Then came our main course. Shredded Lamb in ginger and spring onion. There is nothing better than eating tender meat that melts in your mouth. I recommend this with the Jasmine rice that comes in a cylindrical bamboo dish covered with palm leaves and tastes divine.

That is another thing I have to give Bamboo credit for. Food is served beautifully in stylish, modern cutlery with such elegance that you don’t want to eat the food on your plate because it is garnished and set in such an artful manner.

Of course Just when we thought we were done and full the wonderful owner passed by our table and convinced us we had to try the bamboo sampler. Groaning we had eaten enough for 2 days she told us we wouldn’t regret it and boy was she right. The bamboo sampler consists of a piece of heavenly praline ice cream, deliciously creamy chocolaty mousse and yummy passion fruit panacotta all served on a narrow, long plate.

Talk about bliss.

Will I go back to Bamboo? You can bet I will and I will even attempt to convince my boss to have conferences at the Zen Square Conference Rooms or just treat us at the Jade Coffee & Teahouse.


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