Give the Earth A dance-My date with Earth Dance

I have to admit, I’d never heard of Earth Dance until last year and I had just assumed it was some sort of weird hippy thing where a bunch of people got together to worship Gaia whilst eating vegan food.

I would have never bothered going if it hadn’t been for my friend and DJ Zak who came for an interview in 2009 and changed my perception on it.

Sure Earth Dance is all about joining people from over 300 or more locations to celebrate music, dance and most importantly peace but it’s also about appreciating amazing sets from the best trance, techno and house djs.

EarthDance was conceived in 1996 with the vision to unite the planet through the universal platform of dance and music. And it has actually become the largest synchronized dance event in the world. And if you are like me and born with 2 sets of left feet and no rhythm, and are afraid of letting those wierd robotic movements go, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter because nobody cares. I have to say there’s nothing more liberating than dancing in an open field with people from all walks and ages.

This year’s Earthdance took place at the Ngong Racecourse on Saturday 18th September and Sunday 19th under the theme ‘Celebrating culture’. The theme’s aim was to encourage the preservation of cultures across the world. And like every Earth Dance event, a significant portion of the profits will be donated to charity.

And this year the organizers went all out and featured 5 international electronic dance music acts like South Africa’s DeadBeatFM (loved their set)and Digital Divas, Deliriant (and his live set-wow), D-boy from Punkzonjunk (Australia) and Germany’s Orli.

Kenyan greats Drazen, Mikhail Kuzi, Barney Barrow, Jahawi, The Glib, Szabanowicz, Trident Tested and DJ UV were all there playing their wicked sets!! I have to give our local lads props for rocking the earth! Kuzi, Drazen, Szabanowicz and Barney have always been my favourites and I still have their sets in my head, Here’s hoping they organise a 6am party soonest as I am experiencing some serious withdrawal symptoms and am rocking back and forth in the foetal position.

DJ Drazen

I have to say Jahawi, The Glib, Szabanowicz (BBSA), Trident Tested, FooZak and DJ UV are beyond talented at the magic they spin and I’m hooked to the music 6am and Bound By Sound Africa (BBSA) churn out.

Speaking to Dj Drazen about Earth Dance and what inspired him to join he said: ‘My brother DJ Ohms as he was one of the first guys in Kenya to promote EDM…and for me it’s all about that great feeling you get from the crowd dancing and going crazy when playing EDM. The feeling is overwhelming! We joined Earthdance because we felt that it was the perfect way to give our lovely Kenyan brothers and sisters a different experience whilst raising money for charity”.

Barney Barrow on the other hand said he loves Earthdance and agreed to weave his magic “for the love of music and for my fans! I love this stuff”.

Another noteworthy point is that underage kids were minimal as it was a strictly 18-and- over party. In fact I still get excited at being carded as it’s always flattering when bouncers think you look underage when you are as old as the hills.

Support the next Earthdance and definitely head to the next 6am party that’s thrown-I promise you won’t regret it. Ask Kenyan musician and producer- BaMzigi who danced the night away with me.


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