India’s hidden treasure in Kenya-Bandhini-Intercontinental Hotel

I love Indian food and it might have something to do with the fact that i am Indian (stop sniggering) but when i lived overseas i would wake up sweating and salivating after a dream of indulging in with Kenyan Indian food. There’s something about Indian food in Kenya-it might have something to do with the organic vegetables, spices and fresh meat or then it’s the Kenyan air.

And when you see an Indian person leaving their house to eat Indian food at a restaurant then you know the restaurants has to be divine. I mean why would any sane person who can cook the cuisine go out to eat something they can cook at home? So when my friend Kevin told me about Bandhini i looked at him like he was out of his mind- i mean i wasn’t going to part with cash for something mum would make better. But Kevin insisted and promised that i didn’t know what i was missing. He asked me if mommy dearest could make Punjabi, kashmiri, goan and Hyderabad dishes and i shook my head mutely.

Feeling like i was betraying my mother and cheating on my favourite Indian restaurant located in Westlands i walked into Bandhini with ,y head bowed down in shame. And was i glad when i looked up-the decor was warm, elegant with Indian touches here and there. And what i particularly enjoyed was the fact that the kitchen had a large glass panel you could see through and watch the chef and his men prepare extravagant, exotic meals. No chefs spitting in your food and getting away with it here!

Since we were a large party we deiced to go all out and order numerous dishes. We started off with the Prawn tandoori Nisha consisting of jumbo prawns with authentic Indian spices and herbs which was delicious! The chicken murgh malai was equally delicious but i found the chicken a wee bit dry. Then came our mains: The Palak paneer was yumm), the malai kofta (round balls made from potstoes, cottage cheese and vegetables in garvey was delectable, the murgh laziz chicken curry was creamy, garlicky and delicious, the Mutton roganjosh gave me food dreams and the chilli fish was honestly average.

I also loved their kashmiri rice as i had never tried rice with raisins, herbs and spices- very unique and a must for the adventurous.

Dessert was even better as they are desserts that mum never makes-gulab jamun that would rival my gran’s (hope she isn’t stirring in her grave), ras malai and kulfi that will definitely make me go back a million times.
Service is excellent and staff treat you like royalty and with warmth. Even the chef popped out to chat with us despite being so busy.

Another highlight for me is how much time the restaurants takes in serving and choosing the right wine that will complement their cuisine.

It truly was a lavish dining experience and if you fancy authentic Indian cuisine that is full of flavour and distinctive aromas then head to bhandini


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