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A few weeks ago I went through a very dark place in my life. Everything was going wrong. I would fix one thing and three more obstacles would pop up. I tried everything to cheer myself up- prayers, food, chocolate, shoes, sushi, martinis-but nothing could lift my spirits. I was at the point where I needed to understand why so much negativity was coming into my life before I could move on and be strong again. I needed help to understand why I felt so lost and I desperately needed guidance.

When my friend Jay suggested a tarot card reading, I scoffed at her thinking how could a pair of cards and a gypsy lady sort out my turbulent soul.  But when Paulo Coelho and his inspiring works couldn’t drag me away from my tormented abyss I knew I had to try something out of the ordinary.

Armed with all my prejudices and doubts I went to see Shaida – I had done my research and I found out there were only 2 women in my vicinity who read tarot and something in my gut (call it instinct) told me to seek out Shaida.

She sounded pretty ‘normal’ when I spoke to her on the phone and even though I was apprehensive going to a total stranger’s home (I mean she could have been a hoodoo practitioner or a serial killer for all I knew),  her calm, no nonsense tone finally set my paranoid mind at ease.

As I walked into her home I couldn’t help being fascinated at all the books scattered everywhere, various artefacts and a tank of fish. And as soon as Shaida walked in out went all my stereotypical notions of a tarot reader. Hollywood had filled my head with a Whoopi Goldberg/ Roma ideas of a tarot master, but Shaida was anything but weird-she was classy, polished and warm.

We chit chatted for a while and she had me sit down at her table-I had previously asked her if she could do the reading at my house, and she politely declined as the energy in her house was more conducive to her. I understood what she meant  as soon as I sat at the table. It was a calm, tingly feeling I got-kind of like that warm feeling you get when dipping your feet in a warm, salty bath.

Shaida asked me to rid my mind of anything negative, to clear my mind and not resist this new adventure. Easy for her to say- my biased mind said, but the angel on my right shut that voice up as Shaida lit 2 candles to ward negative energy (evil spirits?) away. She asked me to say a prayer for protection as she was going to be a vessel now for my angels and her spirit guides to show me my path. At this point I thought she was going to snarl at me in a thick accent “The cards never lie” but all she did was close her eyes and calmly tell me about the angels in my life that have always guided me and protected me. Yes we all have our angels with us-you can call them your guardian angels, your spirit guides or that voice in your head that guides you through your most difficult times.

She also told me about past lives an I have to say I was shocked- I have always had this weird fascination with Asian, Egyptian and Russian culture and now I know why. Shaida then told me that she couldn’t tell me my future but that she could pinpoint different things that were troubling me and the cards would help.

That’s when the tarot reading started. I shuffled the cards and spread them out, using my gut I picked a few here and there and before I picked a card I would ask a question and then hand the card to her to turn and deduce.

 Every time I picked a card she would tell me what had been bothering me! And she was spot on! I had gazillion issues and there was no way she would have been able to know what they were, but lo and behold she would look at a card, then look at me and politely tell me the drama I had been experiencing.

 I would then ask a question, pick a card, and she would reveal it and tell me whether I was being paranoid or not. One of the questions i asked her was if I would start writing-something that had died in me due to a past scarring incident-and she smiled and showed me I had picked The Star card, “You will create” and I nearly passed out with indignation as I believed nothing would make me write feature articles –but lookie now.

She was correct in many spheres of my life and as spooky as I initially thought it was, I feel the cards did help me calm my troubled and lost mind. Of course I didn’t use them to map out my entire life but you can bet I will be going back!

How to get the most out of your Tarot Consultation:

To get the most out of your reading, be sure you are:

  •       CLEAR and FOCUSED with your question. Narrow your questions down to one, so that the cards can provide clearer answers. 
  •       OPEN to receiving guidance and maintain a positive attitude toward the reading; trust that whatever answers come through is what you are meant to be provided with at this time.
  • WILLING to take responsibility for your life and to make positive changes in order to create your ideal outcome.

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