The Blind Side-Michael Lewis

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As ‘with it’ with the entertainment world as I am you can imagine my surprise when I found out that the Oscar winning ‘The Blind side’ starring Sandra Bullock was actually a novel. In fact I can say It blindsided me when I stepped into my favourite bookshop at ABC Place and saw it displayed there in all it’s novella glory.

Despite having watched the film, the critical nerd in me bagged it wanting to see if the book was indeed better than the film (I love deducing that in the Harry Potter films).

I can safely tell you that the book in this case is indeed better than the film. This is because you can instantly tell it is a true story without the Hollywood tint and haze making Michael Oher more real to you. Lewis magnificently unites the sports world, family life, human fallibility and the business world making it an easy enjoyable read.

Oher’s story becomes more compelling when you read about it as you get snippets of his life that you never got when you watched the film. It is pretty much the same story you watched about a boy from an underprivileged life being adopted by a white family who adopt him as their son and help him become the best NFL player-well nearly the best.

Just like the film it is a feel-good story but doesn’t get over the top inspiring as Lewis keeps it grounded with humour and constantly brings in the issues of race and class reducing the Rah Rah in the novel.

Lewis’s characters are real, quirky and my favourite part is when an NCAA investigator tells Sean Tuohy she can’t believe some of his answers, Sean says, “Ma’am, I hate that it baffles you. But all you asked me to be is truthful. You didn’t ask me to be smart.”

The dialogue continues to be witty and crisp and the scenes are concise and don’t drag. However there were times when the football got too much and I wanted to stop reading. The key is to skip a few pages to get back to the good bits.

Even if you have watched the film, the novel is worth a read and is a novel truly top of its game.

Get it at SIMPLY BOOKS, ABC PLACE, waiyaki way


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