I might be termed a cougar for the statement I’m about to make, but I have to come clean- I have a serious crush on Zac Efron. I have followed his career since he played Cameron in ‘Summerland’, to his gig in ‘hairspray’ , to the underrated hit ’17 Again’ and I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, to his singing days in ‘High School Musical’ ( I now sound like a stalking cougar). While I enjoyed him in ‘Me and Orson Welles’ I couldn’t wait to see if Efron would deliver in Charlie St Cloud.

The film basically revolves  around Zac Efron’s character, Charlie St Cloud who see’s dead people-nope in the ‘Sixth Sense’ kind of way but close-he plays baseball with his dead brother whose death he feels is his fault. If that sounded corny to you, then wait till I tell you how his classmate (the hot Amanda Crew who is also an ace sailor) comes in to set him free of the guilt- who he also ends up snogging.

The less I tell you about the film the more you will enjoy it in the end. In fact if you enjoyed ‘The Sixth Sense’, ‘Ghost’, ‘Field of Dreams’ or bits and bobs of ‘Twilight’ then check it out as it’s all about a sensitive teen coming to terms with his guilt, tossed with some romantic fluff and tear jerking moments.

It tries to sell you a tortured soul and lots of sentimentality but for some reason I just couldn’t buy it and kept gagging into my popcorn. Plus the fact that Efron kept popping up shirtless everywhere actually might have hindered me from buying the seriousness and sentimentality of the plot.

Ray Liotta and Kim Basinger have little to do in their adult roles and Liotta is somewhat laughable in his role and very forgettable (I’m clearly not his fan).

So will you be able to tolerate this cheesy mush of a film? You might if you think Efron is dreamy or are a teenager. Sadly while he does bring his acting chops to the table the film sucks. Make like the wind and follow the film’s tagline- “Life is for living” and don’t waste 1 and half hours on it as you won’t get them back-then again you could always head to a cemetery and play baseball with the dead folks.


(Yum-the highlight of the film…)

2.5 stars

I’d rather read the book


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