Art Cafe Westgate, worth a visit despite shoddy service.

Kenya has always needed a ritzy, outdoors cafe situated in a mall where a housewife can rest after shopping for groceries, where business meetings can be conducted and where the hip go to be seen whilst sipping on their wine and espressos.

Enter: Art cafe- a trendy, posh cafe located in the Westgate Shopping centre, that serves as a restaurant, cafe and a bar and if you are one of the urban cool then you are already familiar with their famous chutney, pineapple and mint juice, their sinful cheese cake and somewhat mediocre service (I have had to wait minutes before to be served politely, but things are changing in that department-okay, they are trying to).

So what’s the food like? Delicious. I usually frequent it for their chicken caeser salad which is so good I can live off of it.

Occasionally I sample their arabiatta pasta, which again is always divinely tossed in tomatoes, garlic and parmesan- and you honestly have to be daft in the culinary skills department to botch that up. Once in a while I crave their chicken in green curry/ coriander/ garlic and cumin sandwich but sadly this is one dish that is never consistent- but when it is made to perfection its mouth wateringly orgasmic as is their tiramisu, pricey chicken/egg burgers and their chicken Kiev.

 As for alcohol indulgers, it’s surprisingly moderately priced for such a swanky place. My favourite is their sangria.

Service is not impressive. You can see they are trying to improve but quite a few of the waitresses tend to be arrogant, bordering on rude and highly annoying at times.

Then again there have been times i have been served very well (usually a gentleman does this or one of the managers themselves) so who knows…

 On the other hand, when i am trying to control my temper at their nonsensical service, i enjoy their magazines rack and the fact that you can hook up your laptop to their internet.

My pet peeve however is that the bathrooms are up a flight of stairs that garner you zillions of stares that can be excruciatingly embarrassing.

All in all Art Cafe is a must visit as the food is delicious (when consistent), the atmosphere is sublime, and the beverages and dessert are worth getting obese over, so get your  best swagger on and head to Art Cafe.


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