Zen Garden celebrates Second Anniversary!

Last week Thursday I was honoured to be part of the Zen Garden’s 2 year celebration.

The creme of society glitered past each other to celebrate the gorgeous restaurant. And as The Star’s Javed Kana stated in his Asian Scene article yesterday “Without a doubt, Zen Garden has established itself as a hub for socialites’ get-togethers; be it a quiet dinner away from the hustle and bustle of the city or a corporate bash, Zen Garden is always a prime option”.

And I agree. There is no way I will celebrate my birthday anywhere than The Zen- it has excellent food, service is always efficient and the setting is elegant, classy and warm.

And Thursday night was no exception. From delectable finger food (golden fried prawns, dumplings…), to their mouth dripping cheese station (Thanks Fawzia Jamal of Bloom Branding for drawing my attention to it) to a classy fashion show showcasing apparel from Maridadi it truly was a night to remember.

My heartiest congratulations to Shivani and Paayal for their 2 successful years.

It is no easy task managing a restaurant in Kenya but these lovely ladies have done an  exceptional job!

May the Zen have many many many more anniversaries!


(Shivani Radia-Patel with Priya Channa and Andrea)



The Thakrar family, Swahili Beach's Karan Kalsi, Shivani and Nicole

Payal Radia and her mum-Smita:the woman who inspired Zen Garden

Shivani and Paayal

East FMs gorgeous Natasha Jamal-modelling Maridadi


Jimmy Kibaki praising Payal and Shivani

Lovely ladies


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