Bill and Giuliana to replace Oprah?


Bill and Giuliana Rancic are laughing off reports this week that they are plotting a move to Chicago to succeed the retiring Oprah Winfrey with their own Windy City-based talk show.

“Bottom line, there is only one Oprah! Anyone who would try to emulate or replace the Queen of Daytime would be a fool,” Giuliana said. “Bill and I have no plans to do a talk show in the near future. It is certainly a goal of ours one day, but we are just too busy at the moment.”
Busy indeed. Between her daily gig anchoring ‘E! News,’ co-hosting ‘Fashion Police’ and, of course, their reality show ‘Giuliana & Bill,’ Giuliana says her dance card is full. Then there’s busy Bill, who aside from his hectic schedule on the public speaking circuit, is launching ‘Airplane Repo’ on Discover.

“A talk show is not in the works at this time,” she tells me.

A rep for Bill told Page Six that producers approached them to do a talk show but that there are “no plans” at this time.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the couple are now focusing their efforts on just being together as much as possible, which will bring them to NYC to host the NIVEA Kiss event on New Year’s Eve.

“We will be reuniting two long distance couples to kiss on the platform at midnight,” Giuliana stated.

“We need to start practicing our kiss since it’s going to be seen by millions,” Giuliana laughed. “Bill told me not to make it too wet and sexy and to keep it clean. I agreed, but I may have to surprise him at midnight and pull him in for a passionate embrace and just go for it.”

We’ll be watching!


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