Ole Sereni to glam it up this Christmas and New Years eve!

Ole-Sereni hotel has unveiled it’s plans to make this year’s festive season ‘a truly wild one.’

Infact I was totally blown away when i walked into the hotel this weekend!

Ole Sereni has been specially decorated -complete with a unique Christmas tree-made entirely of fabric by one of India’s top decorators, Mr Sandesh Reddy setting the scene perfectly for festive elegance.

Mr Reddy was recently rated amongst the top 4 decorators in the country by Vogue magazine (Nov-Indian edition), and was flown in the country to decorate the hotel.

So if you are looking for a special way to celebrate this Xmas i suggest you head to Ole Sereni!!

The highlights of the Christmas calendar include;

‘Christmas Day, breakfast on the Wild Side (Bush Breakfast in the Nairobi National Park). This will be the first Christmas Day Bush breakfast to ever take place in Nairobi.

They are only known to be offered by hotels in the game parks outside of Nairobi, but Ole-Sereni is offering its patrons the chance to experience the luxury of a Bush breakfast in the Nairobi National Park.
The extravagant breakfast programme includes an early morning game drive around the park (the best time to spot the parks wildlife), followed by a lavish champagne breakfast at Impala Hills- the highest point in the park.

The Bush Breakfast on the Wild Side offer is open to both hotel guests and residents of Nairobi.

Also on the agenda is an exhilarating All Inclusive ‘Indian / Arabian themed’ New Year’s eve party complete with Bedouin style Shisha tents and culinary delights to match the evening’s theme and more…..

For further inquiries on festive offers, please contact Cecilia at- 3901000 , 0731436324 or e-mail at: festivities@ole-serenihotel.com





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