Shoddy Waitress at The Bacchus Lounge

This weekend after a pleasant dinner at Mediterraneo Ristorante in Westlands with friends, we headed for a drink to Havana.

Sadly we couldn’t find a table and so opted to have that night cap at Bacchus. Charmed by the wonderful tables on the sidewalk ( I felt like I was back in a sidewalk cafe in Paris )we excitedly looked around for a server.

When eventually the lady turned up, her grumpy and sulky demeanor put us off a little and we meekly ordered our drinks.

A gentleman who happened to bump into us there  politely inquired if ‘Smokes’ were available and she rudely said no before turning to walk off.

We all stared at one another and shrugged the shoddy service off as we were happy to be in each other’s company.

When the lady named RUTH finally showed up with our drinks, she unceremoniously dumped our drinks on the table and placed the bil on the table. Now I know this might be a somewhat common custom in Kenyan bars but i think it is the epitome of rudeness.

No 1: You imply that we must hurry up and pay up as we look dodgy and won’t pay you and no 2: it implies we need to drink up, pay and bugger off as you need the table for more important clients!

We politely told her we would pay when we finished as we would be ordering a few more rounds. Ruth shrugged and walked off, proceeding to the bouncers and telling them to “chunga” that we didn’t eave without paying!

Seriously did she think we did not understand Swahili or were hearing impaired that we wouldn’t hear her.

It gets worse. After 10 minutes she returns to check on the bill, like it will magically change in the time she was absent!

Being unbelievably ticked off now we sat fuming. And then some random server shows up and checks the bill and when we ask him what on earth he is doing, he refuses to speak and then dumbly retorts- “I didn’t want it to fly away”!

Good LORD!!!

That is when we called the manager. Enough was enough.

He was courteous and apologized for her behavior and asked another wonderful gentleman to serve us. Why is it that we never found fault with this gentleman?

But after 10 minutes the manager came back to jot down our number as Dear Ruth was arguing that she was not rude to us (Still don’t know why he needed our names and number?!)

When we told her exactly how she had performed badly, she scoffed and laughed at us and continuously argued that she was not wrong.

Whatever happened to customer sovereignty and the phrase “The customer is always right?”

It was at that point we paid our bill and left as what is the point in arguing with a wooden beam?

And while i usually love The Bacchus Lounge on Thursdays when DJ Drazen spins his beats I have never experienced such rude and utter nonsense at an establishment!



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