Easy A gets an Easy A for being an awesome film!

5 stars

I love teenage films despite not being a teenager and I would rate ‘Mean Girls’ ‘Juno’, and

‘Clueless’as some of the best teenage films of our time.

‘Easy A’ doesn’t disappoint either. High school is tough enough with the Barbie wannabes and the ridiculous jocks, so imagine if you are at the centre of a rumor that you concocted unintentionally-popularity suicide? I think so.

Witty Olive (Emma Stone) tells her friend, Rhiannon about (Alyson Michalka) a secret rendezvous with a college friend of her brothesr and the uptight Christian totter Marianne (Amanda Bynes) overhears them, and starts the rumors flying.

Sadly the rendezvous is fake and was only told to impress her friend. But Olive is soon termed the school harlot. Rather than curling up in a hole and dying she uses her tarnished image to help a friend out.

The friend in question is incessantly bullied for being a homosexual and so she puts on a show at a party where the two pretend they are having mad sex which increases the boy’s popularity. Things get worse for her as every unpopular guy begs her to help improve their weak social status- and with gift cards in payment, Olive uses her tarnished image to increase their popularity.

Unfortunately her poor reputation leads to Olive’s friends ditching her or turning against her and she becomes a social pariah. Feeling lost and alone she decides to come clean but none of the boys want to come clean and so she shares her story in an original way by letting it all out via webcast.

I loved it for its clever sharpness and its funny twists and turns kept me thoroughly entertained. Dialogue and scenes are snappy, quick and fun. Stone plays Olive brilliantly pulling of the sassy, sarcastic role and her dry humour certainly made the film for me. She managed to make an unlikable character someone you’d want to be friends with and root for and kind of relate to.

It’s a great story that will fit any age (well not for your little folks as it is about sex) as viewers will be entertained by references to classic ’80s movies and music from the 1970s and 1980s.

Also watch out for a great supporting cast-my favorite being Lisa Kudrow and Stanley Tucci.

I’d give it an Easy A for being a joy to watch and I suggest you gather your girlfriends together and enjoy it for what it is-a teenage film without the angst that ‘Juno’ brought.



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