Mediterraneo a true taste of Italy


I truly believe Italian Cuisine is the best comfort food for a sore, tired and sad heart.  And while the Cheese, cream and wine that goes into these dishes could speed up your chances of getting a heart attack -if eaten in moderation, Italian cuisine can be the best thing to make your tummy happy.


Mediterraneo Restaurant offers that joy for your stomach and while The Junction branch is charmingly furnished and cuisine is delicious, The Westlands branch is still my favourite. It might have to do with the authentic Italiano setting with wine bottles, Italian windows, pictures of the Italian countryside, the murals and paintings on the wall, the gorgeous dim lighting and tiny Italian touches here and there that truly make me feel like I am in Tuscany or Sicily.

Service varies. Many times I have been treated with warmth, efficiency and decorum (thank you George) but there have been occasions where waiters have been absent minded and annoyingly slow. This is the same for The Junction branch and I couldn’t understand why the hostess there was so patronising and condescending whilst seating us.

But what has always won me over is the food from their famous Chicken Kiev, to the penne in pink sauce, to their carpaccio to their risotto’s, tiramisu, pizzas and pastas. My favourite has always been the Filletto di manzo in salsa Bruna al pepe nero– the grilled beef fillet in creamy pepper sauce. But for some reason whenever I ask for medium rare I get my beef rarer than rare and that is a true disappointment as that never used to happen. The chef seemed peeved when I sent it back to be charred a little and despite the pepper sauce being delicious I had a sour taste in my mouth after that.

Despite my poor experience that time I have to say their pasta’s are sinfully delicious. Their home made Tagliatelle with pesto sauce, ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and spinach, farfalle pasta with prawns and baby marrow, fusilli pasta with chicken and asparagus pasta and their home baked lasagne with meat sauce have been favourites. Try their cream of tomato with fresh basil and garlic croutons soup as well- I always have it when I am ill and it makes a delicious starter.

Pizza’s are exceptional as well, try their Margherita, Gamberi (with prawns), Romana and Diavola (for chilli lovers) as they are always delicious.

For meat lovers I have to say my latest favourite is the roasted leg of lamb (but I had that at the Junction branch and it was beyond delicious with aromatic gravy and juices oozing out of the meat), the chicken with mushroom sauce and their red snapper with puttanesca sauce is another treat for the tastebuds.

For a taste of Italy I would definitely recommend Mediterraneo Ristorante as food is delicious, exquisite and truly comforting.



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