Nicholas Sparks- Dear John

I have always been a Nicholas Sparks fan, ‘The notebook’, ‘A walk to remember’ and ‘Message in a bottle’ are romantic and now ‘Dear John’ joins the rest.

It’s a story intertwining themes of young love, a father- son relationship, Aspergers autism, the army and magnetic love between opposites that urges even the most cynical to read on .

John Tyree , the main character, meets Savannah Curtis on a beach in North Carolina whilst on leave from the military. Very dramatically he dives into the ocean after her purse to save her from financial ruin, it is indeed a meeting that Hollywood dreams are made of.

Savannah is a college student at the time and is volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. She is a dream come true for lost, rebellious John and soon their love blossoms. In a span of two weeks she helps John mend his tumultuous relationship with his father and discovers that Johns father has Aspergers Autism (The cynic in me found this pretty unrealistic). John goes back to the army and Savannah to college but their bond is stronger than distance and they communicate with letters to each letters hence the title ‘Dear John’. Everything is quite hunky dory until September 11th changes everything.

Yes some of the twists and turns are predictable like in any romance novel but the story does touch an emotional cord within the reader. Plus having relatable characters helps the reader to form a friendship with the characters. When John’s heart is broken you cry for him and when he feels joy, you want to punch a fist in the air with jubilation.

The language did get a bit flowery and poetic for me at places but it is a romance novel so read it expecting cheesiness. Romance is always difficult to write and thankfully Sparks doesn’t trigger your gag reflex, nor does it get too mushy or encompass the Danielle Steel tackiness.

Despite it’s predictability the end is very different and a wee bit depressing but Savannah opens John up to a myriad of experiences and teaches him that life is about living, loving, sacrificing, giving and rejoicing. It does end on a romantic note at least and with the message -that love transforms us forever.

In the end you will enjoy it for its light reading as well as the fast paced writing style, plus if you like sappiness delivered with a bit of meat then this is the ideal novel for you. I recommend you read it with a glass of wine, some chocolate and a box of tissues.


Get it from Simply Books- ABC  place

PUBLISHED  in The Star September 2010


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