Gloss Nail Bar cocktail party at Art Cafe Westgate

I have always believed a well manicured hand will get you further in life than an impressive portfolio.

Infact that’s how I cinched my first TV job as a cooking show host. The director interviewed and grilled me for hours about my experience  and then randomly asked to see my hands as I would be dealing with food and I proudly stuck out my french manicured hand and that’s when she sealed my job!

So ladies groomed hands and feet will help you get your pedicured FOOT in the door (lol) or at least impress the (unmanicured fingers encased in) gloves off of your competitor.

Standard Group’s stylist Crystal Okusa and I infact were having that very conversation which is when I heard about the launch of Gloss Nail Bar.

Unlike a salad or drinks bar, a nail bar is where you go to get a quick and relaxing manicure and pedicure. If you have a busy life like most of us do, then a nail bar offeres you that unique opportunity to pamper yourself efficiently.

They are the rage in London, New York and Paris and finally they are now in Nairobi! Yay!

Gloss Nail Bar in action

This Wednesday (19th January) fashionistas swarmed Westgate and it was all about nails at the launch of Gloss Nail bar.

I have to thank Rehanna and Jehan Merali for their superb idea (and a wonderful party-PS thanks Shy) as I finally have a place to rest my tired feet after a hectic day of shopping, and Jehan also told me that we can expect more of these nail bars to pop up around kenya! Hallelujah!

The birth of Gloss nail bar was the sister duo’s, Jehan and Rehanna Merali’s idea and with backgrounds in Accounting and Human Resources we can expect nothing but success out of this Ingenious plan and dynamic pair.

Beauty treatments (and the complimentary manicure) offered were spectacular as were the Hor d’oeuvres and martinis (thank you Sky Vodka for the delicious drinks).

In fact not only can you get your Mani/Pedi done at The Gloss Nail Bar, but quick and effective treatments such as nail art, hand and feet massages and threading, rejuvenating face massages ,  anti ageing massage can all be experienced for a very very affordable price!

Gloss Nail Art

Fashionistas at the event included Kiss 100’s Caroline Mutoko, Sankara’s Shreya Karia, the gorgeous Shyamolae and Sadhana Thakrar, Zen Garden’s Shivani Radia-Patel, True Love’s Nailantei Kenga, Bora Ubora’s CEO Nana Gecaga, and the stunning Jamal sisters to name a few.

Plus I found out that Nail polishes are exclusive and come from Nails Inc in London, which is the top brand of choice for Nail Bars in the UK and Ireland, and the variety of colours would put the rainbow to shame!

Jehan also says that from from February 2011, Gloss will be offering their services via a ‘mobile nail bar’ where they will  bring their therapists and equipment to any location (like your office,wohoo).

So ladies, there really is no reason now for unkempt hands or feet or the Finger fashion police will be pointing their manicured fingers at you!

Check out Gloss Nail Bar at The Westgate shopping Mall, 1st floor.





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  1. Jaffar Jackson
    Feb 01, 2011 @ 20:33:01

    You have the funniest way of putting across your views the blog has been a refreshing read. Love love love!!!!! You can be assured of an every day read from me ; – ) Good stuff hun!! if you have time you can check out mine at


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