Indigo Bay resort and spa- The definition of luxury

Hotel Review: Indigo bay Resort

Location: Bazurruto Island, Mozambique

5 stars

Holidays are my favorite part of slaving the year away, and once a year after saving every penny I can I try to decide on a part of Africa to visit. I truly believe there is no point in travelling outside of our own continent as we have true hidden gems that can beat the most exotic of destinations, and since charity begins at home why not explore Mother Africa?

Armed with all the knowledge I could muster I finally settled on Indigo Island Bay Resort and Spa situated on Bazaruto Island, Mozambique as a pilot friend who flew there kept raving about it. Plus I still had my South African student’s visa so the stress of applying for one was nil.

Luck was with me as I was already in South Africa (for graduation) and from Johannesburg it was only a hop and a skip away(well a flight away). I remember landing in Villanculos and shuddering as the airport was beyond small-It reminded me of the airport in Ukunda in Diani. It was Teeny tiny with porters carrying in our bags as officials barked at us in Portuguese, I felt like I was in the army as I shuffled my feet with my oversized hat that screamed ‘Tourist’ as a guard snarled and snapped at my ankles.

But once I got to customs things got better. Discovering I was from Kenya the official beamed a yellow toothed smile and escorted me to my tiny plane (an airvan) that was set to take me to Bazzuroto Island where Rani Resort’s Indigo Bay was located. To get to Indigo Bay you have an option of a boat ride or for a couple of extra dollars you can fly there.

The plane ride was excruciatingly bumpy but the pilot informed me that the boat ride was worse as it would take over an hour to get to the resort and the water was always choppy. But from the moment I sighted Indigo Island Bay Resort and Spa all remnants of a queasy stomach were forgotten.

The Indian Ocean overlooking Indigo Bay on Bazaruto Island was invitingly warm and the resort was undoubtedly a beautiful and unexplored destination, and I couldn’t wait to learn more about its wildlife, turquoise waters and unexplored beaches.

Somewhat perched majestically on a cliff and surrounded by greenery and a beach I was blown away at its exclusivity! As soon as we landed a golf cart was there to fetch me with a cool towel to wipe the sweat off my brow and a bottle of mineral water to rehydrate me. And it was about to get better! The resort had all the creature comforts fit for Saudi royalty and it might be so as it is built by a Saudi prince.

Walking into the reception my eyes feasted on the glass mosaics on the walls, with shells and African art scattered in nooks and crannies and its design and architecture is best described as posh, elegant and sophisticated. I immediately headed to the two infinity pools as my battered luggage was driven to my room or should I say villa?

The guest areas, the luxury Beach Chalets and Bay View Villas, have been constructed out of natural materials like reed, soft-fringed thatch and wood in order to blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings. So it is a true treat for environmental lovers and you can also enjoy your stay guilt free of ripping off Mother Nature.

My beach front room was spacious, the bathroom was magnificent and allowed private access onto the beach and had all the modern conveniences. Each chalet and villa at Indigo Bay offers complete luxury, with air-conditioning, mosquito screens, en-suite bathrooms, mini-bars, 24-hour power, satellite TV and telephone access. I loved my King size bed and the teeny patio outside the room that gave me a great view of the sunset in the evenings.

During the day I spent many hours in the infinity pools and by the wet bar- Tartaruga (Turtle) Pool Bar. But I found prices at Maguluti (Tides) Snack Bar Situated at the Activities centre cheaper for drinks and more relaxing in the evenings as the staff hung out there in the evenings and it reminded me of the bar that Tom Cruise worked in the Bahamas in ‘Cocktail’.

For the health conscious I have to recommend the gym and the spa has been rated one of the 101 best in the world and is worth seeing even if you don’t want to indulge as the ladies there are warm and friendly. Treatments at Indigo Bay include Swedish massages, milk baths, body brushes, body wraps, hot stone therapies, reflexology and facials (which I adored), all designed to impart African energy, goodness and vitality.

Dinner on the beach as the sun sets

Service was excellent as staff literally fell over their feet to serve you but were never intrusive and I loved their Portuguese accent though all spoke English excellently and were very happy to teach me Portuguese words.

The Food was exquisite with seafood aplenty as it’s fresh off the beach however after the third night there I begun to get bored with the lack of variety.  I also felt that drink prices were steep as were the prices of activities.

I did my first dive here and a lovely South African lady called Lara was my instructor and if it wasn’t for her patience I would have never done it.

The two mile reef was excellent for spotting turtles, rays and schools of surgeon fish. Dive sites further afield are more challenging in terms of currents but you if you are lucky you can see mantas, moray eels and a fellow tourist spotted a shark. I wouldn’t recommend boat rides for those who lack sea legs as depending on the wind it can get very choppy.

However you have to try snorkeling as they take day trips to Paradise and Pansy Island. A picnic basket filled with goodies is packed for you as well so that after your strenuous snorkeling experience you can soak up the rays on the beach as you indulge in your meal- chefs can also accompany you and grill fresh seafood for you on the beach of these islands.

Paradise Island


In the end Indigo Bay is a great place for the weary soul to unwind and rinse off the stress and if it’s fit for royalty then it’s certainly a treat for me.

Indigo Bay Lodge & Spa Price Guide :

7 Nights including flights from Johannesburg from: US$ 2580 per person sharing.

Visa Requirements:

-Original passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity.

-2 Passport-type photographs:

-Itinerary. Copy of round trip tickets or confirmed itinerary.

-Hotel Reservations. Copy of confirmed hotel reservations.


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