The tourist… makes for great waching but not worth its Oscar nod


3 stars

When a film boasts the hottest actors in Hollywood, in a beautiful city and a plot filled with thrill, comedy, love and suspense then you can’t help but expect the biggest hit of the century or at least a great escape. I guess looks aint everything.

While I didn’t leave the cinema raving about ‘The Tourist’ I did enjoy it thanks to the few red herrings and twists thrown my way.

Johnny Depp plays Frank Tupelo, an American tourist on a spontaneous trip to Europe to mend a broken heart. On the train from Paris to Venice the mysterious and stunning Elise Clifton-Ward (Angelina Jolie) joins him unexpectedly, and drags him to her hotel.

All this is part of a plan Elise is following on orders from her lover in hiding, Alexander Pearce, who has stolen millions from Reginald Shaw (Steven Berkoff) a British crime figure and who she hasn’t seen in two years. Pierce is on the run from Shaw and Interpol and needs Jolie’s help to divert attention from him or something like that.

‘The Tourist’ is directed and cinematized excellently and the plot while not brilliant is witty, light and has a certain hint of Hitchcockian class. Depp and Jolie make an average screen pair, and while their chemistry isn’t as sizzling as Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Vanessa Paradis is breathing a sigh of relief) their acting skills shine as they engage in flirtatious dialogue.

Jolie supplies the glamour as she is always dressed impeccably, floating in gorgeous gowns from Paris to Venice her millionaire boyfriend prearranges for her (her entrances reminded me of perfume commercials where all the men turned to stare at her). Sadly all her make-up distracts you from the entrances she makes and at points rather than envying her I was irritated by her narcissistic behavior. However the hot pursuits, gun and knife battles and Depp’s sex appeal prevent you from nodding off in duller moments.

At the end ‘The Tourist’ is entertaining escapism from the dirty dishes sitting in your sink, the pile of work on your desk or the pile of dirty clothes in the laundry basket as you get to live Elise’s glamorous, exciting and thrilling life-it would have been perfect if I had gotten to smooch Depp like she did though.

Catch it at the Silverbird cinema.





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