August Moon-delicious Indian and Chinese cuisine

Friday night and my friend and I faced a dilemma. We were starving (nothing unusual for the pigs that we are) but he was craving Chinese while I was thinking of Indian. What to do? We decided to head for August Moon as it serves both.

Located on Mwanzi road, opposite Nakumatt Ukay, it was close to us as we were already in Westlands.

From the moment we walked in, courteous and gracious staff greeted us and seated us briskly at our cosy table, handing us menus and efficiently filling our glasses with water.

Torn between Indian and Chinese I opted to taste the Chinese cuisine as a table next to us had appetizing looking spring rolls which I greedily coveted and ordered hungrily.

What a delight they were! Crispy on the outside, and completely filled with chicken. I have been to many a restaurant that touts meat spring-rolls only to be filled with tons of tasteless, soggy vegetables. There is nothing like biting into one anticipating chunks of meat and all you get is copious amounts of ‘grass’ instead. Thank God August Moon delivers on every tasteful promise they make. I have to say these were the best spring-rolls I have had in a long time.

Regular Chinese dishes they offer include your soups, Chowmein, seafood, meat and chicken cooked in various styles. Plus their vegetarian selection on both Indian and Chinese menus are bound to trigger salivation mode. On the extravagant side you can opt for the Peking duck which I eyed but my wallet denied.

We opted for a stir-fried lamb with spring onions that was scrumptiously prepared with just the precise amount of spices, thoroughly flavoured, the spring onions were crunchy and the exact amount so that they didn’t overpower the dish. The lamb was also tender and literally melted into our mouths.

We also went for a chicken chowmein on the side that was not overcooked and made you feel like you were eating soggy pulp. It was just the right kind of chewy you want for your noodles but not for your red meat.

To quench our thirst we de decided to go the Indian route and ordered the lassi which was refreshing and creamy with just the correct amount of spices blended together tantalizingly. If you aren’t a fan of this drink as it is made of curd, then try their juices, not bad either.

Portions are generous and between the two of us we were completely satisfied with a lot left over for lunch the next day.

Special touches include the menu where on the front page you get a detailed description of why the restaurant is named August Moon (head there for yourself to find out why)

Although small and weirdly structured,( I’m assuming it was a house re-designed into a restaurant) the décor is tasteful mixing Asian and Indian style. Yes the lighting does need help and it did turn me off a wee bit  but the food is the most important and that delighted me beyond belief.

Prices are very reasonable especially for the generous amount you are served and we ended up parting with 1,945/- for a starter, 2 main courses and drinks.

A humorous bit was receiving the bill where it said “Thank you for your custom, please come again”. I don’t know if it was spelling mistake or part of their style in keeping with the culture, but it was hilarious and was a great way to end the meal.

It’s definitely a restaurant I won’t visit once in an ‘August Moon’ as it’s is darn right delicious and I can’t wait till payday where I’ll definitely be spending my hard earned shilling for food that truly comforts the heart and pampered my Buddha belly.

For reservations call: 0725 555 888 or emal:


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