Boardwalk Empire ROCKS!!What a show!

Talk about an awesome show! I have always been a fan of Steve Buscemi so when I found out he would be in a series I was quite excited but not too jazzed that it would be based in the 1920s and on Prohibition.

But when I heard that Michael Scorcese directed the first episode, that was it, I was in hook, line and sinker!

Boardwalk Empire is set in Atlantic City and adapted from a chapter about historical criminal kingpin Enoch “Nucky” Johnson!


Nucky is based on a real man. He is a political figure who rose to prominence and controlled Atlantic City, New Jersey during the Prohibition period of the 1920s and 1930s and it’s all about his interactions with various gangs and people.

BE rvolves around bootlegging, gang wars, murders and The federal government who also take an interest in the bootlegging and other illegal activities in the area.

With memorable, realistic characters, excellent direction and brilliant acting it’s like watching a movie rather than a series!

Check it out, it’s awesome!

5/5 stars!


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