Do it like the Kardashians!

Being a reality TV star sure pays off. Just ask the Kardashians, who raked in $65 million last year, according to the Hollywood Reporter. T

he magazine claims that due in part to their many endorsement deals (including Quick Trim and Sketchers’ Shape-ups), the Kardashian clan has outearned mega-celebrities Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock, and Angelina Jolie.

The Kardashians can thank their reality show on E! for starting their pop-culture dominance. 


Thanks to the television exposure, the sisters have opened locations of their Dash clothing boutique in Miami and New York. In addition, the family cashes in by selling interviews to magazines (Kourtney‘s pregnancy reportedly earned her $300,000 from Life & Style), charging for appearances (Kim can earn over one million dollars to make an appearance in another country) and extending their brand.

As part of their reportedly most lucrative deal to date, the girls are working on a Kardashian lifestyle collection that will be sold exclusively at Sears this summer.

Then there are fragrance deals and even a “celebrity destination” store at the Mirage in Las Vegas which will sell every product currently endorsed by a Kardashian. That’s not all. The hotel will even stock their minibars with Kardashian-branded water.

Mother Kardashian, Kris, apparently draws the line at sex toys. She told the Hollywood Reporter, “The company wanted to know why I was turning them down. I said, ‘It’s just not the look we’re going for at this moment, but thank you.’ They said, ‘It’s not hardcore, just vibrating panties, nipple rings and vibrators.’ I was like, ‘Hell to the no!’ ”

But with Kim’s sex tape maybe that would have come in handy (pun intended)

Here’s hopin that overexposure doesn’t kill them!


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