Open Happiness! with Coca Cola

I love Coca Cola- It is the best drink in the world and sometimes even water can’t quench a parched throat as well as a sip of Coke!

And I remember growing up watching their adverts-They were always entertaining and in those days of only KBC (and Ramayan), their latest adverts were such a highlight and so inspirational that I even toyed with the idea of branding and advertising (Remember their ALWAYS COCA COLA campaign? I still have the jingle in my head)!

I truly believe that Coca Cola has had the best branding ever, and nope they aren’t paying me to say this- In fact I still remember their coke ads that had the girl in the train eyeing up a guy drinking a coke and the dude gets all macho coz he thinks she is checking him out, only to discover it was the Coke she was after!

And I loved their Christmas ads with Papa Noel!Remeber that lit up truck he used to drive about in?

Anyway, the point of my rambling is that Coke has a new Campaign!

OPEN HAPPINESS is the new slogan and it sure beats the Coke side of Life doesn’t it?

So when my friends from Tell em Kevin, Sheila and Angela invited me for Coke’s latest branding venture, I was so excited to be part of history in the making!

This coming Saturday KICC will be ablaze when East Africa’s finest musicians hit the stage for The Coca-Cola Open Happiness Concert.

The Concert which kicks off at 12 noon will feature leading acts; Radio & Weasel  from Uganda, Professor Jay from Tanzania, while the Kenyan artists will include: Juacali, Juliani,Mejja,  Kendi, Daddy Owen Jimmi Gait, Maddtraxx, Jaguar, BMF and a number of other surprise artists that will be taking to the stage.

Speaking ahead of the event, Coca-Cola Marketing Manager Kenya, Ms. Catherine Mudachi said that the concert will kick off other activations that Coca-Cola will be undertaking across Kenya as the company promotes its new marketing campaign. “The Coca-Cola Company is changing gear in brand direction from the award winning Coke Side of Life to Open Happiness, a campaign that encourages the consumer to pause, open a Coca-Cola and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Open Happiness will be the platform used for all integrated marketing for brand Coca-Cola”.

The concert on Saturday is expected to have thousands of teens and young people come out and enjoy themselves with the acts that have been lined up to perform including: DnG, Alemba and Jalang’o who will be the MCS of the day backed by DJ Wesley and DJ Mo.

“In addition to the great musical performances, our fans will also have opportunities to win great prizes including: IPads, Ps3s, IPods, phones and other branded merchandize” says Ms. Mudachi.

Cool isn’t it? So how do you get in?

Entry to the event will be two 500ml Coca-Cola bottles that will be purchased at the venue.

Catch me there sipping on my ice cold Coca Cola as I open Happiness!

(Here’s my tribute to their awesome campaign)


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