Rihana birthday party (and pisses off Trump!)

Rihanna turned a year older this weekend and threw herself a bday party at a private home in bev hills!

Before all her guests arrived, Rihanna managed to sneak away to party with her best girlfriends in a secluded room in the Beverly Hills house.

She then greeted her guests and [gave] Ryan Phillippe (the same guy that was hitting on her at the grammies) and Zac Efron huge hugs.

Other celebs that attended the party were Cee Lo Green and his crew as well as Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z, who according to sources was “laughing and having a blast posing for photos in corner of the party.” Mary also “squealed with excitement” when she caught sight of Diddy, and they shared a long hug.

Later, Snoop Dog and Warren G rolled in at 1 a.m. and proceeded to dance and sing along to some old-school hip-hop songs while guests cheered them on.

Christina Milian was also at the party — indulging in vanilla and red velvet cupcakes to reduce her pain at the breakup of her marriage!

But not everyone was happy at the bday party!

Reports say that Donald Trump is upset at Rihanna for pulling out of a charity event this past weekend. Rihanna was booked for months to sing for Trump and others in Palm Beach at a gala on Saturday night but she ended up canceling that morning — stating that she had bronchitis.

But Rihanna actually spent the weekend in L.A., where she promoted her new perfume at Macys and performed at the half time show at the NBA All star game and then had her party!

Trump replaced rihanna with jenifer Hudson but he was beyond angry at her lack of respect! Guess she won’t be his apprentice anytime soon!


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