Doctor’s plaza sandwiches delicious as is cuisine from Taza Cafe!

So this week I have spent more hours in the hospital and as much as I have loved thewonderful doctors and nurses who have taken care of a loved one, man I hope to not see the inside of a hospital corner for a while.

But apart from the gorgeous garden  at the Aga Khan Hospital(so peaceful), I discovered great food!

You have to try the delicious chicken sandwiches at the restaurant in The Doctors plaza.

Thick, large, full of flavour and tons of salad (i.e. nutrients lol) they are so delicious and for 260/- your tummy will thank you for that treat.

Also check out Taza cafe in Medi Plaza. It’s nice to hang out there for a breather from the hospital and food is yum and affordable. For instance you can buy a chicken dfor 220/-, chicken wings for 250/-, a full chicken poussin with chips for 650/- and pies,cake, biriyani etc at even better prices!


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