Galleria is gorgeous!

Last weekend, my galpals Jay and Resh bundled me into the car and decided enough was enough (I had been wallowing in stress due to Mum’s surgery) and that I needed a change of scenery!

We first made a stop at InterCont hotel for a cuppa and then off we went to Langatta Road (karen?) to the Galleria Shopping Mall.

I gotta admit I had not heard of this  ultra modern shopping centre until early Feb when my buddy Shyam invited me for a birthday dinner for his wife Cindy- and I had thought it was a restaurant!

Anyway driving into the entryway I was blown away- I felt like I was in a mal in South Africa and I clapped my hands in glee as boy do I miss Gtown!

Here’s more on this stunning place-

You can shop at The Nakumatt for your groceries, sort out you Safaricom Issues at the Sfaricom retail store, shop for your denim at Factory 55, glamourise yourself at Woolworths (love Wolies), Mr. Price, Safaribeads, Bata, CS MEXX, Cnverse and Rags. Get healthy with Healthy U and Pharmmart and don’t even get me started on the dining.

Java is delcious as is Art cafe for that bite or cha! Art Cafe is as gorgeous as ever here and Java is oh so tempting!

Java Galleria,unbelievably delicious!

I also hear a cinema will be popping up soon and more goodies as well!!


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