Russel Brand blabs to DETAILS Magazine

Comedian Russell Brand stars in the upcoming remake of Arthur, in the role of the title character made famous by Dudley Moore back in 1981.

Brand – a recovering drug and sex addict himself – took to sniffing drinks to prepare for the role of the drunken, immature playboy who potentially gives up a billion-dollar inheritance to avoid an arranged marriage in favor of a lowly waitress.

Brand recently spoke with Details magazine about his addictions, the tabloids, being married to pop superstar Katy Perry and more. Check out some excerpts:

On his marriage to Katy: “at once the most mundane and spectacular thing in the world.” “There are a lot of areas where I’ve simply relinquished decision-making. It really does make my mates laugh, though.”

On being cast in Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Aldous Snow was initially written as a proper English chap, a writer. “We were convinced the casting director had played a gag on us,” says director Nicholas Stoller. “The hair, makeup, clothes — I think he had 18 belts on? Jason [Segel, the film’s star and screenwriter] asked Brand about the role, and he said he’d ‘had a cursory glance’ — what a thing to say to a director and writer. Asked about improv, it was as if he’d never heard of that either. Then he started in. When he left, Jason got up and did a jig.” The part was rewritten.

On his tabloid-fueled rocker-sex-god persona: “Well, it seems obvious that to turn myself into a character — incredibly theatrical and rock-and-roll and languid and sexualized — was to emphasize areas where I was confident, to draw the eye from the obvious deficit of a man only just getting over being a junkie. I’ve very confident in the physical manifestation of a rocker. And there are aphorisms I still deem tight: the carnal self is the true self. In that barbaric, marauding period of promiscuity, there was a type of Aleister Crowley ‘Do what thou wilt’ as the sum of the law. That voice you use when you come? I was using it to perform. Not some distant, attic-dwelling emotion brought out occasionally, like a front room you never use except when the vicar visits. I was in there f—ing all the time.”

On coping with addiction: “The only way to cope is with a program. If you stop doing recovery, even eating too much chocolate, something will flare up, and I know where that leads, because I’ve been there before. To me, gravity is heroin, and then death.”

Arthur opens April 8th and also stars Helen Mirren, Jennifer Garner, Luis Guzman and Nick Nolte. Check out the trailer below:


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