Ed Norton engaged-so long the man of my dreams!!

You know there’s always that celebrity you crush you have and wish you would marry?

Drooool alert

Stop judging me, i know you secretly wish you could marry Penelope Cruz or Brad Pitt!! For me it has always been Edward Norton. I have been in crush with this phenomenal actor since i was like twelve (ok fifteen!!). I crushed so hard on this guy that I even made it a point to know his middle name- It’s Harrison in case you care!

I was 14 in 1996’s when Primal Fear was released, but I only watched it the next year and I was blown away! Norton played  an altar boy, charged with the murder of a Roman Catholic archbishop and I didn’t even see Richard Gere in the film as i kept drooling over ED!

Films like American History X, Fight Club, 25 hours and Hulk,sigh, made me crush on him even more.

So imagine my sadness when I found out me laddy had gotten engaged-and I found out from Courney Love’s tweet!!

Ed n Shauna

Congrats to Shauna Robertson for nabbing the man of my dreams…sob…sob and excuse me while i throw myself a pity party and cry into my tub of icecream as i copy Bridgets and groan “All by myself” in my ratty pyjamas and watch Red Dragon, The Illusionist and The Italian Job again!




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elle
    Sep 03, 2011 @ 02:10:14

    R –

    Yes, there’s something compelling about Edward Norton.

    Have you seen him in “The Score,” with Brando and DeNiro? He holds his own, for sure.

    But, I’ve seen some beach photos of him where his body looked really sloppy – oh, well, I guess we all have our “off-peak” times.

    Your blog is very sweet and honest – hey, it’s good to have movie stars around – nice to fantasize harmlessly.

    Regards, E


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