Mercury Bar and Lounge makes a comeback!!

If you are looking for a place that’s hip, happening, swanky, with great bar food and eclectic music, then head to Mercury Bar and Lounge.

The Décor is urban chic with ultraviolet lighting, gorgeous fabric covered walls, comfortable elegant booths and LCDs on the walls, used by the waiters to place orders and keep track of bills. Through the years this is one bar that has suffered at the hands of new bars popping in and out of the city but it always makes an unintentional comeback.

It’s ideal for watching that Soccer game on Saturdays and Sundays and the Tapas menu is delicious. My favorite is their Cheese fingers that are cheesy chips oozing decadence. Other honorable mentions are the Chicken fingers and the mini bacon and chicken pizzas.

Mercury is also popular for their cocktails which they have thankfully mastered after previous disastrous instances. Check out their Mojito specials on Saturdays where you buy 2 and get 1 free- I loved their Strawberry mojito. Jagger bombs, Daiquiris, Cosmopolitans, Long Island Ice Teas are also all available and while the price is a wee bit steep the alcohol content in the drinks makes up for them.

Service has greatly improved, with smiling, efficient servers courteously dolling out what you request for. And the music (which I learnt constantly changes) ranges from trance and house to RnB and Hip Hop. My favorite nights there are when Dj Kuzi and DJ Amar spin their tracks.

In the end for a great afternoon or evening out, check out Mercury Bar and Lounge as once again it has made an unintentional comeback and with its excellent Tapas Menu, swanky décor, good service and great music it’s a welcome change from the tired bars we head to every weekend.




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