Kate Middleton bullied in school?

Can you believe that Kate Middleton future Queen of England was bullied in school?

Middleton was reportedly bullied at her all-girls school when she was 13-years-old and was often teased for being “skinny” and “meek.”  Her books and stuff were stolen, she was called her names and they laughed at her all the time.

Poor thing had no friends  but look whos laughing now?

Still on Kate Middleton-is it true that she will be usun six hairstylists for her weding day?


Turns out Even a princess-to-be doesn’t need that much hair help!

Rumours that Kate Middleton will have six stylists tending to her wedding day ‘do are untrue, reveals a source.

It will just be the team of the ‘usual’ royal hairdressers.

And just incase you care what her hair will look like-Accenting Middleton’s perfect tresses will be A tiara from the royal family collection. Though she has 80 to choose from, the frontrunner is the $10.5 million Strathmore Rose Tiara, which underwent a restoration for the big day.

Many of these tiaras have not been touched for almost a century –just like the queen.


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