Lady Gaga’s drunk diet!

Have you ever wondered how Lady G stays so trim and sexy?

Well she is apparently on a drunk diet- where she boozes up all day and eats like a pigeon if at all.

It’s gotten pretty scary that Gaga’s Mommy is sleeping in the tour bus with her to make sure she stays away from the DD diet.

Cynthia Germanotta is so concerned about her daughter’s nutrition that she has joined the pop star on tour to make sure she’s not abusing her body.

A source told the tabloid that Cynthia thinks that Gaga drinks too much and doesn’t eat enough. However, it seems that Gaga will take her mom’s advice.

The source said, “She may be one of the biggest, and strangest, pop stars in the world but her relationship with her parents is very traditional.”

Part police she may be, but wise she certainly is (Ok so I suck at channeling Yoda!!!)

Mama and Papa Gaga- sin't it funny how 'normal' they are?


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