Get me shine back on!

I have a confession to make. After a hard days work or a heavy night of partying it up, the first thing I do when i get home is fall into bed and slumber till the sun doth shine!

If you are gasping at me in disbelief for not taking my make-up off then I don’t blame you. My mum used to as well. I honestly couldn’t be bothered. I was too busy (and LAZY) to take care of my skin until my best friend told me if I wasn’t careful I would end up looking like Janice Dickinson!

Janice Dickinson


Nothing like a comparison to Good Ol Janice to kick my lazy bum into gear. But I struggled with skin care products as i usually never needed to use them. Soap worked wonders for me till I was 21 and then all the beauty therapists began spewing that Soap should only be used neck down and more commercial hurling.

So off I went buying the most expensive gob and lathering it onto my face every night – which only ended up up in me breaking out in hives or zitgits (Zits that don’t git).

Then a friend suggested I try Nivea products ( My mum has been the hugest fan for decades so obviously I thought it was uncool for me) and since I had tried about everything -even putting chickpea paste on my face, I figured it couldn’t do any harm right?

I opted for the Aqua sensation line and what an experience that was!!My face wash was also a scrub so it got rid of dead skin and kept my face clean without feeling too dry. I followed it up with a toner and then teeny drops of the moisturiser. Withing 3 days my skin was back to its glow.

This range is perfect for you as well if you have a busy lifestyle and you want fresh looking, revitalized and sparkling skin.

It felt clean, supple and hydrated and it’s easy on the pocket. I spent about 1600/- for everything ( I even threw in a Nivea sensitive lip balm) and it’s all lasted me 5 months and going!!

Another amazing product i discovered was their face wipes- perfect for my lazy nights as these wipes (mum still loves them) clean, tone, moisturise and duh take off the goop on my face. They also don’t leave an oily residue nor leave my skin feeling dry after a while.

I can now go to bed without the fear of looking like the ‘Thing’ (Magda?) In ‘There’s something about Mary’!!

So why does this affect you or should you even care? Coz if you are like me and were lazy to pamper your skin, then ‘saving face’ has never been easier!


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