‘The Feria De Sevilla’: A celebration of Spanish Food and Dance a raging success.

Picture this:  Exotic food, stunning culture, elegant dancing and wonderful people.

Sounds like your kind of an evening? Then you should have been at ‘The Feria De Sevilla’: An evening of solidarity, friendship and joyful time organised by the Spanish speaking community in Kenya, held at the Goan Gymkhana.

Being ignorant the only thing I knew about the Spanish was the flamenco, Paella and of course their World Cup winning football team.

So it was with slight trepidation that I descended on this event and I have to say I was totally blown away with their kindness and hospitality.

From the minute we walked in I was amazed-and it had nothing to do with the stunning people. The Goan Gymkhana had been transformed and I actually felt like i was in Spain. A groaning table laden with Spanish delicacies, Lebanese and other cultural cuisine formed part of the welcome wagon at the entrance.

Bandas had been transformed with fairy lights strewn across them and adorned with Spanish decorations. Spanish music floated out from the dance floor and across the pool as Alfonso manned the Paella station.

The warmth and hospitality of this lovely community emanated from the Lovely Leticia, one of the organisers who warmly welcomed us and began to explain the point of this event.

“It is to celebrate our culture, friendship and solidarity with other communities. Plus 50% of the proceeds from tonight will go towards projects in Thika and Turkana that are meant to benefit the communities there.”

She then lead me to the cuisine and my stomach quietly thanked me. The food was Organised by Jimena Vallejo and Silvia Ojeda and it truly was a gastronome’s delight. Each family had brought some delicacy or other resulting in the multi-cultural cuisine.

Rows and rows of mouth watering Spanish delicacies awaited us like

I was so used to eating just Paella that I had no idea that there were more delicious Spanish dishes than this.

But it didn’t end there. A Russian salad, platters of humus, Guacamole and even samosas awaited the less adventurous.

After all this I barely had space to sample the dessert, so after a quick salsa spin and a flamenco lesson, I was ready to try the cheese cake and triple chocolate.

Alfoonso cooking up a storm!

I indeed got home content, all danced out and I have to applaud the Spanish speaking community for taking the pain and time to preserve the common trunk of Spanish cooking and culture.



pub in The STAR: 9 May 2011


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