Reggie Bush dating Kim K look alike-how low will he go…

It’s a classic case of when clones attack (in relationships).

Do you remember that one girl from the Old Navy commercials, Melissa Molinaro, who everyone thought was a dead ringer for Kim Kardashian?

Well, now Molinaro is being linked to Kim’s ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush in a series of gossip blog posts.

We did some digging and discovered that reports of the two hanging out together are…

MORE: What’s Up With Old Navy’s Kim Fauxdashian?

So true!

Reggie Bush, Melissa Molinaro

While reps aren’t commenting, a twitpic reveals that Bush attended Molinaro’s birthday bash at Beverly Hills’ Boa Steakhouse earlier this month!

Are we the only ones who find this a little odd?

We understand that moving on after such a long and public relationship is hard, but dating your ex’s clone is not usually the healthiest way to do it.

Oh, who are we to judge?  Maybe she’s different.


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