Body Contour Spa- fancy slimming minus the exercise? The read on!

Location: Basement 2, Connaught Apartments, Lantana road off Rhapta Road

Are you one of those people who love food and can never say no to that extra slice of pizza or cookie?  And are you also that person who suffers guiltily afterwards kicking yourself for eating it as it has gone straight to your hips?

Well fret not my dear, I have somewhat found our solution to that dilemma. Losing weight has always been a personal struggle of mine, in fact my weight has yo-yoed worse that Sarah Ferguson’s!

So imagine my glee when I heard of a spa that promises to burn off your fat without any exercise? Of course It sounded a bit dodgy but nonetheless exciting so off I went with my extra 7 kilos on my bottom and thighs and pen to find out what it was all about!

I had heard of Body Contour in the past as friends had frequented the branch in Hurlingham so I wasn’t too frightened about the ‘slimming side’ to it.  Founded by Irene Githua, who is neither a nutritionist nor a beautician, it boasts the most amazing slimming technologies. Irene herself had struggled to lose her excess 20 kgs that dieting and exercising couldn’t until she discovered treatments like electro-therapy and cavitation. That inspired Body Contour and the rest was Stone Age.

At ‘Body Contour’ slimming spa a scientific method to slimming is used combining modern technology, relaxing body treatments and an easy to follow diet. Treatments are designed to help with poor blood circulation, sluggish digestive systems, poor metabolism, cellulite, fluid retention and poor skin conditions.

Of course all of this sounded very rosy as the lovely Leah told me at the reception but it was all new and very daunting to me. I mean sure I would lose tons of excess baggage on my body but it was still scientific hocus pocus. Leahya patiently explained to me that my first procedure- Non-invasive liposuction was not an operation but an ultrasound method of using low frequency airwaves to break up fat cells to eliminate them.

She then handed me over to Angela Kagendo who was meant to treat me. I have to admit I nearly fainted when I saw the machine! It reminded me of an ECG machine and I nearly turned around and walked out until I remembered the bag of chips I had had for breakfast that would take me two hours to burn off at the gym. I timidly got onto the bed shaking in apprehension.

Angela talked me through every step as she squeezed gooey liquid onto my belly and showed me a tiny object that was meant to reduce my tummy fat. I nearly fainted in relief at how useless it looked until it started vibrating around my tummy.

It was a very unique sensation, sort of ticklish but not painful at all. Angela moved and turned me around passing the device around my belly as ultrasound waves squished my fat cells. I immediately began to feel it working as my tummy started embarrassingly to release gas. I turned various colours of the rainbow as Angela nonchalantly shrugged it off stating that that was meant to happen as it showed the technology was working.

That was amazing and felt pretty darn good minus the gas release!

No sooner as that was done than we quickly prepped for the electro-therapy session. That was the frightening machine with monitors dangling from a machine that I presumed were meant to attach to my body.

But the promise of “1 session of electro-therapy is equivalent to a 12 hour work-out, 1200 sit-ups and 1200 sit ups and 1200 leg-lifts” had me excited. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t about to sacrifice myself as a guinea pig to lose weight through scientific mumbo jumbo. I did my research on line and learnt that these treatments were quite common and safe with nearly no side effects. In fact in Europe and America they were quite common -i remember watching  an episode of Real housewives of Atlanta (Kim got it) where they tried it out.

So  electro therapy works in this manner. When you exercise, natural impulses cause your muscles to contract and relax. The electro therapy machine safely and effectively stimulates these natural impulses to make the muscles contract and relax, similar to normal exercise.

Despite all of this I was still scared of ‘the octopus machine’ as I like to refer to it thanks to its many wires and gadgets. But turns out there was nothing to be scared about.

Once again Angela calmly told me what she was doing. First, tight bands were placed around my arms, tummy, love handle areas and thighs. Then she put gooey liquid on the flat surfaces of the wires and placed them where the bands were and slowly turned up the machine step by step. First my tummy started to contract, then the muscles relaxed and vibrated as currents of electricity passed through my body.

It was frightening but apparently quite normal! It initially began as a ticklish sensation and as the machine was cranked up it felt like I was doing the jitterburg whilst laying in my bed-a very weird sensation. Through the vibration I felt my muscles contracting and relaxing during the 40 minute session just like I would have if I were at the gym. Very cool!!

Strangely after that I felt exhausted. So I was relieved when Angela lead me down to the steam to relax. Once my pores were steamed opened I was lead for my full body scrub conducted with Slimming salt. Not only was the dead skin exfoliated but the slimming salts were meant to reduce water retention and increase blood circulation.


My tummy was then wrapped in sea clay, mummified and I was lead to the sauna suit to sweat away excess water and toxins. The point of the spot clay wrap is to tackle the one ‘spot’ on your body that is difficult to lose the inches off. This is the point where I literally dozed off for a few minutes and felt totally relaxed.

Sauna suit

It was a thoroughly memorable experience and Irene believes after weeks of these treatments 1 can indeed lose the kilos. I certainly lost an inch after all the water I sweated out and it got me motivated to start being healthy (ask Irene for her wonderful eating plan). Plus if Irene can lose all her excess pounds through this then its good enough for me.

Highlights are certainly the service, unique treatments and the clean showers! I am going to keep trying the treatments out and will keep u posted.


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