Jacaranda Hotel makes a come back!

I remember spending every Sunday of my childhood by the Jacaranda Hotel pool as my siblings and I splashed each other silly, learnt how to swim new strokes, accomplished our first handstands and pigged out on chips as our parents enjoyed a drink or two.

So it was with fondness I always remembered this grand hotel, yet had forgotten to visit- just like a best friend from primary school you promised to be BFFs with but kind of forgot to be in touch with.

So when my cousins from Canada opted to stay there for a weekend on holiday and invited me to join them it was with glee I accepted. I felt like the prodigal daughter returning from a quest as I entered the lovely foyer.

The wonderful guest relations manager, Felistas immediately came to our assistance helped us locate our rooms and took us on a fantastic tour as reception rolled out the welcome wagon in our rooms.

Much had charmingly changed as we took a tour of the grounds and the new pool. For instance the pool is now heated, the changing rooms are jazzy and there’s a stunning bar where we could now make new memories sipping cocktails as we played truth or dare (despite our age some games still never get old).

Then came an amazing surprise. Jacaranda Hotel now has a state of the art Gym and a beautiful Spa. I gaped at the high quality equipment, buffed up fitness instructors and the sophisticated gadgets allotted in every nook and cranny. My cousin J, the living breathing gym, immediately began to pump some Iron!

From there we moved to the spa and my knotted muscles began to groan in excitement as the soft, earthy colours, the scent of candles and herbs and various treatments intoxicated us with promises of relaxation. I knew I would be here most of the weekend as I spotted treatments like aquarelle facials, hot stone massages and Pambo body scrubs. Bliss.

All this while the bubbly Felistas chatted away to us like we were old friends and staff stopped to inquire about our well being.

A cold towel was placed in our hands after the tour to cool us down and then we headed to the newly refurbished rooms.

I was surprised how tasteful, new and charming they were. The rooms had wonderful showers, satellite TV, a ceiling fan and a mini bar making it quite cozy.

There are restaurants and bars to unwind for a drink or meal and food is excellent. The buffet was mouth watering with varieties of salads, cheese, dessert, fruit, meat, vegetarian dishes heaped on groaning tables. I loved that there was always options between meat- beef, chicken, fish filled up buffet trays. Salads were aplenty and desserts always decadent. There is also an option of an a- la carte menu for those whose tummies aren’t buffet friendly.

Service was always excellent and members of the staff constantly made us feel like treasured, pampered guests.

Our favourite moments were the sundowners at the spacious Safari Bar and the Gazebo bar by the poolside. Plus the Pizza Garden was a mere hop and skip away when we craved some entertainment and pizza.

My cousins also loved the fact that Jacaranda Hotel was located in Westlands as getting to the City Centre and Ngong was easy, fast and convenient.

At the end Jacaranda hotel is truly a home away from home, is a great place for the weary to unwind and is perfect for those conferences, weddings and business lunches.

5 Stars

(more Pics on the way)

Pub in The Star-24th June.


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