JT and Fergie once hooked up? Whaaaaaat?

Is it true that justin Timberlake busted him while doing the dirty with Fergie when they were teens?

We put it through the lie detector to find out if it was truth or tosh

Justin has opened up about his most embarassing sexual experience. Justin wouldn’t reveal how old he was at the time of the encounter. However, Justin admits that he was way too young to be caught in bed with a girl — by his mom!

Justin refused to say who the girl was — but there is speculation that it could have either been Britney Spears or Fergie.

Britney however, famously insisted that she was a virgin while her and Justin were dating. So we can keeping guessing who the girl is and while it’s true he was busted by his mum we can’t tell you who the gal was.

So we guesss

For now this rumour is


False-Well as far as we can tell….

Can’t blve JT shags and tells!


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