Taking it off Day 1

Man this is hard!

“I am craving my regular doughnut just before I go on air as the sugar is beneficial to my energy”…or so says the FEVIL (fat devil) on my shoulder!

It’s not worth it, eat the bowl of fruits in front of you as they are less carbs and healthy” says the annoying Thingel on the other side of my shoulder.


It’s now 3 pm and I find the picture of myself looking my best ever-i was 50 kgs on the dot here (taken at a fashion show i mc’d at last year August) and this motivates me to forget about the doughnut or the bhajias Siro and Dru are eating…sob!

Bigger picture Roo. Bigger Picture!

so here’s what i have indulged in so far:)

Breakfast: with Daisy and Spike ( my housemates doggies) keenly watching over me

-fruit shake

-cup of coffee with a pinch of sugar

– weetabix and rest of shake.


2 beef sausages- I am repenting that by spending an extra 15 minutes of dancing in my room this evening, gyms are shut by the time I get home from work. Stop judging me!


Salad- lettuce, onions, tomatoes, beans, carrots with a chilli yogurt,tamarind sauce and 2 teeny pices of brown bread.

with my coffee!


The detested bowl of fruit….


will be hummus and crackers when i get home with green tea!

Gupz is now eying me peculiarly as my stomach is rumbling like thunder and you can hear it through the mike!woops!!

Help me Lord!


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