Nivea Rocks!!

Ever since I can remember, I have used Nivea products all my life- from those blue tin can days till now!


I still use their face wash, tiner, lotion, Q10 products etc and I love their face wipes- In fact check out my post I did a while back on it!

so you can imagine my hapiness when Bansi Vara- the Nivea Brand manager- got in touch with me via George from Code Red to ask if they could throw my friends and I a ‘Nivea Party’. I ululated in ecstasy and I think I made George deaf at my glee.

The idea of this event was to gather a bunch of young, proffessional ladies and educate them on skin care whilst giving them a skin test, beauty care guidelines and of course a party with delish food, drinks in a wonderful environment.

Saturday 6th August dawned and my gal pals and I got all glammed up and ready to hit ‘Ruby Cat’ in Hurlingham.

We were greeted warmly by George and given the most divine Blue cocktail to sip on and chat with the girls whilst nibbling on chicken wings. I missed my sisters, best friend and sister in law so much here but my girls had me in tears as we shared stories of skin care and the week.

Code Red's George and Care International's Reshma A Khan

Then came the skin test and we were all advised on the condition of our skin and what product would suit us best-plus Nivea goodies were on sale!


Kunali Shah and moi


The beauty talk

It truly was a wonderful afternoon spent and it got better as The Star’s Javed Kana (Thank you, you stellar journo) passed by to cover the event and the brand manager herself (I was in awe at this huge honour of being in her super presence) showed up and spent some time with us.

We got wonderful goodie bags with Nivea deo for our men, lotion/cream and an amazing work out dvd as we left and i have to say- THANK YOU Nivea, you rock and happy 100 years!

And thank you my lovely ladies- Arti, Kunali, Reshma, Eugenia, Fa for a lovely afternoon.



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