Kat Von D and Jesse James Are Back Together!

What the heck is going on here?!

Not even a month ago, we heard the shocking news that the tattooed twosome decided to call it quits on their engagement. And now, after walkouts and certain exes giving their two cents, it seems as though Kat Von D and Jesse James are back on and ready to give their inked-up relationship a second chance.

Here are the deets…

James made the news official when he told People that the engagement is back on and his (once-again) fiancée is wearing her ring again.

If you don’t take his word for it, just check out their Twitters.

The couple was famous for showing pukey amounts of P.D.A through tweets and twitpics, and guess what? That hasn’t changed one bit.


Kat tweeted a photo of the two embracing in a loving hug, while James tweeted back a black-and-white kissy pic with the caption, “Para Siempre,” which means “forever” in Spanish.

Aw, que cute!

All this happens on the same day TLC announced the cancellation of Kat’s L.A. Ink—or wait, was she the one who pulled the plug?

Either way, we know there’s one thing none of us have to worry about anymore…that special tattoo.

What do you guys think? Are you surprised or did you see it coming? Let us know in the comments!



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