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A few favourite fashion covets of  the season

Alexander Wang’s latest Loafers…



Shopping at Muthurwa Market

I love shopping, and when it comes at a bargain I am ready to laugh hysterically in glee, which I did when my friend made me discover Muthurwa Market!

A birds eye view of market

You see I had no idea you could shop at this market as I believed it was only for fruits and vegetables, but when I desperately needed a cheap suitcase for a travel themed party, Anna said she knew a ‘Hook-up”. If you know Anna you roll your eyes when she suggests a ‘hook up’ as they are as seedy as they come. I still remember ‘Mambo’ one of her dodgy DVD bootleggers who insisted on selling me the pirated products and when I didn’t slipped them into my bag anyway.

So I didn’t take her suggestion too seriously, and when we meandered dangerously through the roads and matatus at the entrance of the dusty Muthurwa Market, I wanted to drive back the other way.

However my previous experience with Toi Market had made me stop judging a book by its cover, and so with my ‘flatties’, raggedy clothing (necessary to prevent being conned out of a good bargain according to Ana) and the hugest apprehensive chip on my shoulder we parked the car and off we went.

I walked in trepidation as nearly everyone turned to stare at me wondering what I was doing there, and then they would spot Anna and beam their warm smiles at me.

Ana had warned me that however cheap anything was I had to make sure I haggled a better price than was on offer. So imagine my shock when a lovely shoe vendor offered me gorgeous Prada sandals for 500 Kshs/-, I thought I had struck gold but Ana frowned at him, berated him for trying to con me as I was a newbie and how would he feel if my non-existent children went hungry as I had paid this exorbitant price?

The poor man ummed and aahed and finally settled for 250/-.

I couldn’t believe the bargain I snagged and was beyond shocked at the cheap price- that is, until I came upon the ‘bag-lady’ who sold hand-bags for 200 Kshs as just like Ana she also had a ‘hook-up’.  45 year old Mary said she used to work as a tea lady in an office in town but the hours were tiring, demeaning and uneventful. When her cousin told her about a stall at the market, she immediately sprang at this opportunity and doesn’t regret it for a minute.

From Mary’s stall we headed to Nancy’s dress shack, another one of Ana’s hook-ups. Nancy wasn’t in but her dodgy brother was and he tried conning us out of a few shillings but a ‘model’ shopping there saved us and I bagged a lovely summery dress for 500 Kshs/-, much cheaper than Toi Market.

A little way from there and another dress stall caught my eye where the lovely girl sold us dresses for 400/- Kshs and I ululated when I bagged a lovely red dress for a mere 300/- Kshs.

I can’t deny the bargains are amazing and quite unbelievable but the chaos can deter one from venturing there alone.

For a market that cost Sh700 million to build, I have to say I was rather disappointed at the infrastructure. The plan had included a 24-hour market with basic facilities like water, restrooms, lighting, a hospital, a police station, multi-storied stalls, a banking hall and an administration office. I mean I hadn’t expected a mall, but I have been rather spoilt with the somewhat cleanliness of Toi Market.

I saw nothing resembling the grandiose plans. Instead  Muthurwa Market to me, was a crowded mess of matatus jostling for a place to park, dusty and muddy roads, burst sewers, pickpockets (which Ana’s street smartness saved me from)and lack of clean water for the hawkers contribute to the stinky chaos that has become tantamount with the market.

And most of the Hawkers agree, a hawker who preferred to be unnamed was thankful for the opportunity to conduct her business, but being a food kiosk owner she bemoaned the lack of clean water to cook and clean her ingredients.

Same went for ‘Kipande’ who owned a lovely shoe stall for men. “I am happy that the government tried to help us by settoing this market up but what next? We have no clean bathrooms, the dust and troublesome characters can be exhausting”.

At the end if you are brave enough to truly rough it out then I urge you to check it out for the unbelievable deals, but like I have mentioned make sure you don your street smartness, covered shoes and happy pills for a unique shopping experience.

 PUB in The Star September 25th 2011

Nairobi Fashion Market set for 8th and 9th October!YAY!!!

‘Nairobi Fashion Market’, is back!

It Is scheduled for the weekend of the 8th and 9th October 2011 at The Impala Club grounds off Ngong road. It offers ultimate outdoor shopping experience, and brings together, 60 top fashion designers and retailers.

“These will be local designers, boutique owners and the like,” explains Terry Michuki, one of the organisers of the market.

“We are offering vendors a big discount on stall registration if they in turn give massive discounts on their items,” she added.

The event will be held at the Ngong Race-course on November 6-7.

“We’re expecting about 10,000 visitors and a ticket will cost Sh200. We want shoppers to be able to walk in there and leave with several paper bags full after spending about 5,000 bob,” Terry stated.

NFM is the original shopping market and largest outdoor retail event in Nairobi. Some of the products that will be showcased include high fashion, general clothing, latest trends from upcoming designers and an assortment of gifts, bags, shoes, jewellery, accessories; make up, hair and beauty products, holidays to mention a few.

NFM is a great day out for everyone as demonstrated by the growing attendance, which clocked some 5,000 in the last March event. The day provides for fun and relaxed shopping and also provides a wide range of outdoor entertainment. Kids thoroughly enjoy the play areas and visitors relax in spacious outdoor chill-out zones, concession areas and even a sheesha tent being entertained by vibrant fashion shows and some classy live music!!

Nairobi Fashion Market Limited is a fashion event organizing company created in early 2010. The aim is to support and help merge SME’s with the clientele they are trying to reach.NFM showcases two events per year.


Catherine Ireri
Sundial Eco Communications
Cell: 0722 740 147
Email: catherine.ireri@sundial-eco.co

The lovely Lynetter Anderson and gorgeous Terry Michuki- such talent!!

 Or Tune in to Gossip Girl on Kiss TV for exclusive interviews with Terry and Lynette:)

Pete Wentz has moved on….

It looks like Ashlee Simpson isn’t the only one moving on. Last week, her ex Pete Wentz stepped out with model Meagan Camper, who he reportedly met over a month ago.

Their relationship is really new and they are taking it slow because there is a little boy at stake.

He didn’t want to introduce Bronx to her if he didn’t think she was a good girl. But turns out she’s really sweet.

The source said that since Meagan has met Bronx, Pete is “obviously comfortable with her,” .

Ashlee has most recently been linked with Boardwalk Empire actor Vincent Piazza and she has even met his parents, so we guess these two rockers have finally moved on and fallen out from each other!

Rihanna pisses off locals…again!

So I get that rihanna wants to be controversial and edgy.

But isn’t there a time and place for that?

Rihanna has made headlines because of a necklace she decided to wear to church in Brazil.

The singer visited the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro last week and decided to dress highly inappropriately for it!

The singer — who is in Brazil for her Loud tour, upset locals by forgetting to take off a necklace pendant that spelled out the word “C*nt” before visiting the religious site and nearby chapel.

The singer was also criticized for what she wore to church- a yellow button down shirt, ripped denim shorts and a pair of black mesh ankle booties.

Maybe asking her to be tasteful is asing too much.


Meet Britney, the CRIMINAL

Still photos showing Britney Spears brandishing a gun while filming her upcoming “Criminal” music video are causing trouble for the pop star who has been filming in the Hackney borough of London.

According to sources, local politicians want Spears to apologize for promoting “gun violence.”

Local council members reportedly didn’t agree to let Britney use a “replica gun” while filming in the area.

Anti-government rioting rocked London and other British cities over the summer. So we can see why they are worried but seriously it’s just a fake gun, get over yourselves


Halle Berry broke her foot while shooting a movie in Spain.

The actress was on the property where she’s staying and slipped and fell. She heard a crack and then felt the pain. Halle went to the hospital, where doctors put a cast on her foot.

Halle’s broken foot is causing drama for the movie she’s currently shooting, Cloud Atlas. Sources said that the immediate plan is to shoot around her. They will also shoot her from the waist up, use a stunt double and will shoot scenes that Halle is not in for the next week or two

And if only something like this had happened during the filming of ‘Catwoman’- at least then we wouldn’t have to watch 2 hours of a crappy movie!

Hours I will never back!

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