I am dreaming food….not great at all!!

Man, as you get older getting rid of the belly and the chubb ( RARA for chubbiness) gets more difficult.

And it’s so difficult saying no to that chip, crisp, chapati, noodle or rice…. but I have to lose the kgs and i am no where close!

Last week I went to the doc and had to weigh myself…Lo and behold, the weighing scale nearly broke my heart by calmly blinking that i was 57 kgs!!

‘How’ I cried as i had thought i was 54.5 (my silly digital weighing scale at home had me believing i was moving forward! Bah Hamburger).

Then this morning, as I was speaking to my editor in ‘The Star’ one of my favourite designers politely stated that  I had increased my cushioning.

Poor chap thought he was complimenting me… i nearly curled up in my fat and died!

Now everytime i think of eating anything unhealthy i remember that line “wah Ruhila, ume ongeza’ and down goes that chip!

Very hard ‘Taking it off’ at the mo but shall keep you opsted….tips, exercise ideas and encouragemet all welcome!!





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