PETA slama Ri Ri!!

PETA has blasted Rihanna for recently wearing an outfit that included ostrich feathers in London last month.

PETA spokeswoman Sandra Smiley said, Rihanna was flaunting stolen property, as in this case the feathers were possibly plucked right off their rightful owners’ backs.

Smiley went on to state that rihanna has shown little regard for foxes, cows and reptiles, now she’s adding birds to the list of species exploited for her dubious looks.

Smiley continued, that peta keep hoping that Rihanna, a victim of violence herself, will learn to open her heart and start empathizing with the suffering of others.

That includes the animals who are beaten, gassed, electrocuted and poisoned to be turned into fashion accessories.

Guess fashion isn’t everything right?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joannay
    Sep 06, 2011 @ 12:10:16 PETA to end with that “victim of violence” ending…..It is however absolutely true….I don’t even like the outfit!!!


    • ruhila
      Sep 06, 2011 @ 12:33:18

      I know, it’s hideous and not cool at all! she wants to be edgy-i get that- but why kill innocent creatures for that? NOT COOL at all!!!!


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