Swizz cheats on Alicia???

Is Swizz Beatz cheating on Alicia Keys?

Well various media sites have posted screenshots of an alleged BBM conversations between Swizz and a 23-year-old woman named Christina Elizabeth. Christina Elizabeth is a singer-songwriter from Houston and has allegedly known Swizz since 2007.

They reportedly are friends and have called each other “bro” and “sis.”

She is also allegedly one of the reasons for his divorce from Mashonda.

Christina reportedly lost her phone and her conversations with the producer fell into the wrong hands. In one BBM — which was dated August 24th, 2011, Swizz allegedly told Christina that he couldn’t meet up with her because of the MTV VMA’s. He asked her to send a naked picture. After seeing the image, he wrote to her, that he couldn’t wait to do the dirty with her.

Swizz, Alicia and Christina Elizabeth all took to Twitter to reply to the reports laughing them off.

Swizz Beatz’s ex-wife reportedly tweeted “SHOWTIME!!” and then added, “sips tea!!” The tweet was later erased.


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