Fast food Nation review -Eric Schlosser

If we are what we eat, then we are totally doomed. That is the message of Fast Food Nation. According to Schlosser fast food is destroying us: communities, work and family life, and indeed, our very connections with the world. A huge blame but one he completely validates with research and facts in the book.

In fact how’s this for scary? Americans drink soda at the annual rate of 56 gallons–or nearly 600 12-ounce cans– per capita. McDonald’s employs about 1 million people in the US, more than any other organization, public or private. McDonald’s earns the majority of its income not from food sales, but from rental income from its vast property holdings. The golden arches that signify the firm are arguably the best-recognized symbol across the world, rivaling even the Christian cross. Frightened? You should be as there more facts like these in the novel to jolt you out of eating that burger for lunch.

Written in an engaging journalistic prose the book is easy to read and once you begin to read about the horrors of the fast food industry you will be hooked on it just like you are hooked on the chips you are so fond of. Schlosser takes up the industry’s little-known practices that keep us addicted: chemicals that are added to flavour the burgers, fries, and milk-shakes and practices like frying potatoes in fat that is 7% soy oil and 93% beef tallow that will turn you off fast food forever.

For me the most engaging part of the book dealt with the suppliers of fast food- the meatpacking industry–and their social and health impacts. Conspiracies and scandalous fraudulent cases are documented in the book committed by industry leaders in price-fixing, cheating, and under-representing worker injuries and safety violations.

With the junk that goes into the food in fast food restaurants it’s no wonder that nations are reporting higher increases of obesity.

Schlosser is a winning, detail-oriented writer who vividly paints pictures that stay with you for days; for example the mistreatment of animals haunted me for days. The descriptions of how the food is made and what it contains sickened me beyond belief and made me realize that that quick bite isn’t really worth my health.

Schlosser also attempts to proposes solutions to change the industry so it doesn’t completely leave you feeling depressed.

But if I were you I would definitely check out this superb book that has altered my cravings for fast food and nearly convinced me to turn into a vegetarian. Once again we can choose what we are by what we eat, read the book, it will change your eating habits forever! A definite must read.




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