Meet Jessica Alba’s daughter Haven!

When Jessica Alba and Cash Warren welcomed their second daughter Haven Garner on Aug. 13, the couple thought they had a pretty good idea of what was to come.

“I really only expected my child to look like Honor,” Alba, referring to her and Warren’s 3-year-old daughter, tells PEOPLE.

“When the two of us made such a different-looking kid it was, like, ‘Okay, I guess we can do this too!’ It was a nice little surprise.”

Also unexpected — Haven’s arrival in the caul, meaning she was delivered inside her amniotic sac.

“Cash said, ‘She was born in her safe haven,’” Alba recalls of choosing her daughter’s name. “And so there we had it.”

As the family adjusts to life as a foursome, Haven — now 7 weeks old — has given her approval in the form of her latest milestone.

“She just started smiling,” says Alba, 30, who appears in the ONE campaign’s newest PSA.

“[The other] morning Cash was talking in her ear, whispering and kissing her and she was smiling the whole time. It’s an amazing connection.”


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