Whitney honoured at Grammy’s 2012-watch the video

It was the biggest night of the year but it was clouded with sadness.

Whitney Houston wasn’t there yet she was everywhere.

Stars did comment on her passing and lady antebellums Hillary Scott said it best:

“There’s a hole in the heart of music.”


The Show did go on…: People chatted. People milled. And people who won golden trophies, looked happy.

…Except for the Time when Jennifer Hudson took the stage. As she fought through Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” people closed ranks around the TV sets. It was like a scene in a movie—a true tearjerker.

Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to whitney at Grammy’s 2012

The Real Deal: When the telecast cut to a commercial after Hudson’s performance, the screens went to black, but the applause still rang through Staples Center.

The Plan Worked: Just prior to the show, telecast producer Ken Ehrlich addressed the Staples VIPs. “This building often reverberated with applause for Whitney,” Ehrlich told the nominees, presenters and music-industry players. “We wanted to [the tribute] to be respectful. We didn’t want do overdo it.”


The Plan Really Worked: After the show, Grammy president Neil Portnow said the Houston tribute needed a singer who could deliver a simple, elegant live performance. “Not everybody can do this,” he said, noting it was believed Hudson’s own family tragedies could help her deal with the emotions of the moment. “That was the first call.”



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