Still celebrating V day

Many of us learned how to kiss from watching movies, in fact many of us got their first kiss in a movie theater.

To honor that the Oscars have released a series of posters commemorating the most romantics moments in film.

Who can ever forget the feeling they got when Lloyd held that up boom box in Say Anything.

Or that tender moment between baby and Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing.

Who hasn’t made out on a beach and wanted to have the ocean water cover them like that kiss in From Here to Eternity.

And who hasn’t wanted to be kissed the same way Rhett kissed Scarlett in Gone with the Wind.

So today kiss your HUnbun like your favorite romantic moment from the movie of your choice, coz who doesn’t want sum extra romance and passion in their life right?

If you don’t have someone to kiss, why not sit back and watch your favorite chick click and pretend that lead is your Valentine for the night… (umm and not in the creepy kind of way…lol…actually what the heck… go on, not gonna judge)


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