Adele Flips the Bird After Acceptance Speech Gets Cut Off at 2012 Brit Awards

Yup, you read that right.

She had a monumental night at the Grammys, and now Adele has continued her winning streak by being named Best British Female Solo Artist and taking home Album of the Year for 21 at the 2012 Brit Awards.

But don’t you dare cut her speech short, or you’ll get the bird.


“It’s been an amazing year,” Adele’s speech started as she received the female artist statuette from Kylie Minogue and joked,  “I feel like a drag queen next to you.”

Adele, donning a sleek black Burberry gown also thanked her record company “for letting me be the kind of artist I want to be.”

Then host James Corden cut off her acceptance speech, and Adele’s middle finger shot up out of frustration. What a rebel!

In an effort to clear the air (kinda), the “Rolling in the Deep” singer clarified that her gesture was aimed toward industry leaders, not her fans.

“I’m sorry if I offended anyone, but it was the suits that offended me,” she said. “Thank you all very much and thanks to my fans. I don’t want them to think I was swearing at them.”

Oh don’t be sorry, girl. You’re not the first (and we like a woman with some sass), but we do wonder what Karl Lagerfeld would say about this.



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