Juliani and Bob Collymore do it big!

Yes, I am very much a married woman nowadays but I have something to admit- I have the biggest ‘Celeb’ crush at the mo!

This crush is all about respect and awe and nothing pervy-FYI.

So who am I on about… well Mr Bob Collymore.


My good friend Adrian Ochieng works at Safaricom and I the poor guy must be fed up of me asking him constantly how Collymore is, what he is like and if I will ever get to meet him.

Anyway, here’s the reason I respect this mheshimiwa.

On February 4, 2012, Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore together with rapper Juliani toured the harsh neigbourhood of Dandora.

The duo joined by members of PAWA254 took a matatu to the Dandora dumpsite and I hear they hung out at California’s Mpambe – a kiosk-type restaurant know for its Swahili delicacies.


I loved how this important, respected gentleman who is ‘The CEO’ was a commoner for the day. No Fancy shmancy car, no designer suit or shoes; all he carried with him was humility and modestness.

They spent the day in Eastlands where Juliani (Another humble and awesome artist- a rare gem in our egotistical society) cut his musical teeth as a member of Ukoo Flani Mau Mau.

Later, while chilling at the PAWA254 lounge, my source tells me Collymore promised to give five of his favorite books to add to the PAWA254 collection.

BTW-PAWA254 is Nairobi’s unique new social enterprise and collaborative space for creatives and youth to achieve work of social impact.

The new hub will facilitate the use of visual and graphic arts, independent and citizen journalism, documentary film and photography, and digital and social media as means of civic expression and social action.

Anyway what my post is trying to get at is this: No matter how rich, important, successful or talented you are please always remember that humility will take you further than any 1 of these attributes so do come down from your esteemed pedestal once in a while to mingle with ‘us’ ordinary folk.

Tear a page out of my Celeb crush, Collymore’s book and give back and empower our youth as they are going to be the setting stone for our future Kenya.



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  1. goodtogoclothing
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 18:29:00

    Love the post…


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