What Does Taylor Swift Have in Common With Little Sophia Grace & Rosie?

Yes, they are all cute, but that’s not it.

The two young English girls—who became instant superstars after their YouTube video rapping to Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” caught the eye of Ellen DeGeneres—have now gained their own segment on Ellen! (Clearly, their live performance and red carpet coverage worked out well).


Sophia Grace and Rosie’s “Tea Time” debuts on the show tomorrow with Taylor Swift as their first celebrity guest, and it turns out, there was a lot of common ground between these ladies, especially when it came to a certain subject…


Rosie asked Swift the age-old question of whether or not she had a special man in her life, and the singer answered that she didn’t (nope, not even Zac Efron). Then, she asked the girls the same.


Rosie’s face flashed fear, possibly the cutest moment ever, as she and Sophia Grace answered no, followed by more no’s.


“That’s exactly how I look when people ask me that, too,” Swift told them. “Like, that terrified look…So we’re just a bunch of single girls having tea.”

Then Rosie drops the bombshell, “I used to, but…I only had one boyfriend…So now I’m just a friend.”

“That’s good that you’re still friends,” Taylor reassured her, “That’s really good that you can do that.”

All the single ladies…


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